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Generally Happy About Wyzo But...


Recently got to try-out Wyzo when I found it advertised via, anyhow I regularly try browsers for my design & development + research projects. I have to admit that you have streamlined it very well! Does a pretty fast job for web browsing plus the features are quite well integrated as advertised or announced. It could very well give other browsers the challenge they need to develop better ones.

Anyhow would just like to point out several things:
1. Maybe my current project developing content for groups (beta at just made me more particular with certain details, your tell a friend email option does not contain a URL for Wyzo! It be nice to have this and would also love to help with content in any way in the future. Maybe an easier way to twit about it via share this or other services similar might be useful - even a link share via delicious... just a thought but it would be great to have more people know about Wyzo. Maybe hardcoding a tell your friends page will be much more professional and nicer?
2. Since it is positioned and advertised as a streamlined browser especially targeted for media plus it integrates torrent downloads - Wyzo should consider proxy browsing functions like anonymouse or proxify chrome/firefox add-ons as regular add-ons that is already in place for the browser. This will help liberate people's browsing experience, help those from other countries who are firewalled exercise their rights to browse the web freely, and make Wyzo a truly unique browser for media and web content. What say the Wyzo developers? Once integrated, people will not need to understand proxies that much and simply click an option to make it start...very helpful plus it can be a good feature add-on to be advertised.
3. I also tried the themes/personas for firefox, this option seems a little buggy. Some personas don't really show-up or others have only parts of the persona/theme show-up... a bug or is this integration still being developed?

I know that in keeping browsers simple, a more satisfying and faster browsing experience is maintained but the three things I am sure will fit the bill.

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