• What’s the best way to travel from London to Disneyland Paris

    What’s the best way to travel via train, from London to Disneyland Paris and back to London to Heathrow Airport? We are staying in Paris 3 days. Thank you (2018-03-31)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • Going from Luxembourg to London, which station in Brussels do I switch?

    … from Luxembourg to Brussels arrives at Brussels Nord; the train to London departs from Brussels Midi. What is the transfer … (2018-09-02)

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  • Public transportation London, Belgium & Amsterdam July 1-8

    … year old. What do you suggest for travel passes? In London I will be staying about 30 minutes out of London by train. Thank you for your advice … (2019-04-08)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)

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  • How do I get from London to Brighton on the 24th in the afternoon?

    Iam simply trying to find an afternoon train from London to Brighton and your website does not show any afternoon trains. It goes to 12 noon and no further. I need a 14:00pm tain if there is one (2018-06-18)

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  • Desperate for help! 2 passengers & small dog need to travel from Paris to London

    … and one small dog that can fit in the necessary cage.I'm trying to find a train or a bus that accepts pets.Please provide me with any information … (2017-09-13)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Onboard OptionsPets

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  • Family Travelling from Scotland to Birmingham to Dover to Paris. Does the Eurail Pass cover these trips?

    I am travelling with my family, 2 adults one youth One Child, we want to travel to Scotland then Birmingham then near Dover then Paris does the Eurorail pass cover all these? (2016-04-22)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)BritRail Pass

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    • … are only able to be made locally. It is also the case that seat reservations are free on trains in the UK. You can request reservations at any rail station once you get to London. For planning purposes, you can still view schedules for the trains in the UK by entering the routes on our homepage. This would apply … (2016-04-25)
    • … Passes, any Eurail Pass that includes France is now valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Paris and the UK, while any Eurail Pass that includes the Benelux is valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Brussels and the UK. As a supplement to the Eurail Pass … (2017-04-25)
  • Britrail throughout England and Scotland: Brighton to York, York to Durham, Durham to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Leuchars, and Leuchars to Inverness

    Hello, I am trying to do an itinerary from Brighton to York - Durham - Edinburgh - leuchars -Inverness , it says schedules are not available and it is for early May. Is someone able to assist? (2017-03-14)

    Tags: … to york, markinch to inverness, scotland, tube, uk, united kingdom, victoria line, york …

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    • … the connection to the UK ticketing system, which is preventing schedules for some routes from being able to be viewed on our website. As a result, some of the trains you'd taking are not displaying. I believe this has been going on since yesterday, so we hope to have it resolved … (2017-03-15)
    • … , reservations would only be recommended on the train from London to York and the train from Durham to Edinburgh. However, passholder reservations for trains in the UK are only able to purchased locally when you're there. Reservations … (2017-03-15)
  • Why am I still getting charged 98 pounds from London to Edinburgh if I say I have a Britrail Pass?

    I'm putting in London to Edinburgh, saying I have a Britrail pass, and it's telling me the tickets are 98 pounds. I thought this route was included in the rail pass. Is it not?It can't be a reservation fee, because it says reservations are not... (2017-08-28)

    Products: ReservationsBritish TrainsBritRail PassVirgin Train East CoastRail Pass & Reservations

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    • … East Coast) are covered by the BritRail Pass. On these trains, reservations are highly recommended as a supplement to the pass. With that said, passholder reservations for trains in the UK are only able to be purchased locally when you're there. To purchase reservations … (2017-08-28)
    • … is the case that reservations are recommended on trains from London to Edinburgh, as a supplement … else you would purchase from us with regard to a train from London to Edinburgh (or any train in the UK, for that matter). Since passholder reservations … (2017-08-29)
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  • 3 weeks travel, London-Paris, Paris-Brugge, Brugge-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Rotterdam, Rotterdam-Amsterdam Schipol Airport, Venice-Florence, and Florence-Rome

    Hi I just purchase the Global Eurail Pass, here details on my itinerary1. London -> Paris2. Paris -> Brugge3. Brugge -> Amsterdam4. Amsterdam -> Rotterdam* Flight Amsterdam -> Venice5. Venice -> Florence6. Florence -> RomeSeems that... (2018-05-14)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)Frecciarossa Trains (Italy)Eurail Select PassLe Frecce Trains (Italy)FrecciargentoRail Pass & Reservations

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    • … there is no single rail pass that combines the UK with countries on the mainland continent of … you on the route from Poole back to London. Reservations are not necessary on these trains, so the pass is all you would need to board. London to Whitstable with … (2018-05-18)
  • Coventry to London with BritRail England Pass, HELP!

    Staying in Coventry traveling to London 4 days of our trip. If we buy the BritRail England Pass, will we be able to get back and forth with no additional cost? I need to finalize the budget and nothing is explaining this very well. I have never traveled... (2019-04-29)

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    • … between London and Coventry. When trying to access schedules for trains in the UK, you would actually have to leave the 'I have a rail pass … in the station and mentioning that you have the BritRail England Pass. For trains in the UK under 2.5 hours in duration … (2019-04-29)
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