• Exorbitant Log Fines and Surcharges

    … was fined 50 Euro on a train in italy by a conductor for not filling in some sort of log that shows the day and month of travel. She burst into tears on the train when the lady wouldnt let her fill in the log now that she know it was required. This is not something she was ever informed she needed to do, and the charge … (2013-06-24)

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  • My booking didn't go through, but I was still charged

    … booked tickets several times over the past few days and every time i do it says it can't finalize my booking but my credit card has been charged for each booking. i have received no confirmation … (2014-05-15)

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  • Aren't you embarrassed?

    … cards getting charged but customers not getting confirmation emails for days thereafter... In this day and age, you should be capable of having a site that works! I have already asked a customer service … (2015-03-26)

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  • How the SNCF and Rail Europe cheat the consumer

    … . After buying a first class railpass for France I found that on most fast trains (TGV) it is impossible to buy a reservation, without which one cannot travel, to accompany the pass. This despite the fact that the trains are generally only half full. In other words they sell you a pass but then make it impossible to use it. Typically … (2013-08-11)

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  • Paris to Split, Croatia? Via Italy?

    We want to travel from Paris to Split the route we see in most of our readings is through Germany and Austria. Is it possible/feasible to travel from France to Italy and then to Croatia? (2014-08-12)

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  • I hate high speed

    … hours and hours researching non-high-sped trains in Europe with contradictory results You have to look up each segment separately … where are the non-high-speed advance bookings? ‚ÄúThese trains can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure … (2014-03-17)

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  • Construction on rail line.

    … . On your website it shows this is available but on the SBB website it says there is construction going on and there are no trains from Milan up to Simplon and you need to take a bus. Can you confirm that? And how do we go about making the reservations … (2013-08-13)

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  • TGV reservation time limits too close for comfort?

    … now. I'm going to Provence, and what I want to do is fly from Newark to Paris, then take the train to Avignon, but I can't make the train reservations until the end of March. This makes me nervous! Am I going to be able to get a seat … (2013-09-27)

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  • Havent Received Confirmation Email

    days ago on Feb. 5 I ordered two tickets from Rome to Florence with my Visa debit card. When I pressed the confirm button … (2014-02-07)

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  • Purchased my ticket in Australia. The Confirmation link will not print ticket.

    … does not work. I have emailed the Australian office twice, A reply after 3 days telling me they can not find my booking!!!!!! Nothing else, just left hanging. We travel … (2014-07-10)

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