• Reservations on the Eurostar London-Paris with a Eurail Global Pass?

    Hello, i've got an eurail global pass and would like to know about reservations for eurostar london-paris, thank you very much! Camila (2015-02-19)

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    • … Camila. Thank you for your question. With the Eurail Global Pass, you would be eligible to receive a 'Passholder' fare for a ticket on the Eurostar. You would purchase tickets at the Passholder … (2015-02-20)
  • Is Slovakia included in the list of countries covered by the Eurail Global pass? Some lists ont his webside dont include that country.

    … purchase an Eurail Global pass. However, in two different places of the website, it lists the Slovak republic as being included in the list of countries … (2014-03-26)

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    • Hi Ruben, Rest assured, Slovakia is included on the Eurail Global Pass. We apologize for any conflicting information shown on our website regarding this. (2014-03-26)
  • What is the difference between the Flexi & the Continuous Eurail Global Pass


    Products: Eurail Global Pass

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    • … basic formats: 'consecutive' ('continuous') and 'flexi'. Many passes can only be offered in 'flexi' form, but the Eurail Global Pass offers both options. Continuous just means … (2017-05-15)
  • Are my routes covered by the Eurail Global Pass?

    … struggling to work out if my planned routes are covered by the Eurail Global Pass (Youth, 2nd class, 15 days flexible in 1 month). I am traveling as part of a group … (2018-09-07)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassRailjet Trains (Austria, Germany & Hungary)Booking OnlineArlberg Railway

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    • … , you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/pass/eurail-global-pass-5880. Vienna to Budapest Trains … ějovice to Linz, reservations are not necessary or accepted, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. Trains from Linz to Salzburg … (2018-09-07)
  • Booking reservations with a Eurail Global Pass. What is the difference between a Eurail Global Pass & a Swiss Pass? Want to book Bernina Express & the Glacier Express.

    global family class, what does it mean 1st/2nd class when making a reservation for both high speed and night … /2nd class for Bernia Express and Glacier Express, does it depend on which pass we are holding? What is the different between a Global Pass and a Swiss … (2014-04-13)

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    • … seating, and these would typically be certain mountain railways. The Eurail Global Pass covers travel to 24 different … here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. For information on the Swiss … . If you intend on taking the Glacier Express and will be traveling with a Eurail Global Pass, you would also still have to purchase the 'Glacier Express … (2014-04-15)
    • … passes are only offered in flexi form, but the Eurail Global Pass offers both options. A flexipass allows … . You would only need to write in the dates with the 'flexipass' option of a Eurail Global Pass, as it would serve no point to do so with a consecutive day … (2014-05-09)
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  • Eurail Global Pass, do I need reservations on Rome-Florence, Florence-Milan, Milan-Lugano, Bernina Express Lugano …

    … , overnight to Vienna, Budapest. I believe in addition to registering the global pass at the onset, I will also need reservations from Rome to Firenze … -Krakow overnight as well as the Krakow-Vienna overnight since the Global Pass doesn't cover Poland. Can you please confirm if I have all the facts … (2014-05-07)

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    • … ) The following trains don't accept reservations, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board: 1.) Chur to Zurich … to cover you for before you cross over into the territory covered by your Eurail Global Pass. Once again, you would not be getting off the train in Zebrzydowice, even though you would be purchasing … (2014-05-07)
  • Is my only option the Eurail Global Pass for travel from Germany to Netherlands to Belgium to France to Spain? Does it have to be 1st class?

    Hi: I will be traveling from Germany to Netherlands to Belgium to France to Spain in 8 days. Is my only option the global pass and does it have to be first class? (2016-07-26)

    Products: Eurail Select Pass

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    • … to the 4 countries you mentioned, you would not have to purchase the Eurail Global Pass. Instead, you can purchase the 4 country option … , you would include the ‘Benelux’ as one of the countries on your Eurail Select Pass. For the Eurail Select Pass, you would click here: https … (2016-07-26)
  • Eurail Global Pass Validity

    … (4) in May. We'd be travelling to many cities in those countries and so we decided to buy from your local agent in my country the Eurail Global Pass Savers, 1st class, 15 … tickets for local transports while in those countries. We know that Eurial Global Pass covers S-Bahn in Germany as well, but does … (2014-03-25)

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    • … to local restrictions. I'm sorry, however, you would need to contact the agent in your country or region for any information on products purchased through them. With that said, a Eurail Global Pass purchased through us would cover the S-Bahn trains … (2014-03-25)
  • I only have a Mexican passport. Can I still travel with the Eurail Global Pass I bought?

    i bought a global eurail pass for traveling in september, and i read that i needed a passport from US, but i only have my mexican passport, is it really necessary?? what can i do? (2014-07-29)

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  • Munich to Kufstein with a Eurail Global Pass: Can I just hop on or are Reservations Required?

    … to $12 for economy rides from Munich to Kufstein, but there's another difference as well: with the pass, some rides cannot be reserved, others require reservations … (2017-09-03)

    Products: Eurail Global PassBooking Online

    Tags: austria, brennero, brennero ec, brennero eurocity, ec, ec brennero, eurail global pass, euro city, eurocity, eurocity brennero, germany, kufstein, meridian, munich …

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