• How to book reservations from Zurich to Florence for travel with a Eurail Select Pass?

    … you to buy a ticket with a message that says the pass is not compatible with the trains, Trenitalia. Have tried different dates and all the same. I'm not sure if this would eliminate the need for a pass … (2014-08-02)

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  • Travelling w/ daughter - how do I get seats together ?

    … then back to Frankfurt at the end of the week. She is staying in Aachen for the summer. The train requires a reservation but the seating that the system gave … (2012-05-06)

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  • No link to print e-tickets in Invoice or Order History for TGV leg of journey

    I've booked tickets from Reims to Amsterdam through your raileurope.ca site and I received emails for the Thalys (Paris - Amsterdam) leg of the journey, but nothing for the TGV (Reims - Paris) leg. When I look at my Order History, again, I see the full... (2013-04-09)

    Products: TicketReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • Website checkout issues - keep getting "Please select a shipping option" message

    … purchase train tickets for Dec 30 (today is 28th) and I keep getting the "Please select a shipping option." in my cart … (2018-12-29)

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  • Forgot Middle Name on Ticket

    … it has my first, middle, and last name. I printed the tickets out at home already and am wondering if there is anyway for me to fix this so that my train ticket and passport match? I have called the number … (2012-06-12)

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  • need phone number

    … to an agent directly. I have always done this in the past but can't find a phone number. I need a train from Vienna to prague in June and I know I can't get the tickets until one month prior but I will leave U.S. 20 days (2014-01-20)

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  • German rail strike

    … on 5/21 and scheduled to take a an InterCityExpress train from Brussels to Koeln (train 17) then Koeln to Bonn … 950) where we are meeting our son. All 3 of us are scheduled to take the #124 train from Bonn to Amsterdam on 5/22 … (2015-05-19)

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  • Rail Europe ́s Mistake

    … for a couple days locking my ability to use that money. We certainly didn ́t get any tickets for that charge as it caused mass panic and confusion at the train station and we had to run around for a couple hours trying to find … (2013-08-29)

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  • Cannot print boarding passes!

    … so this was an important leg of our trip. When we arrived at the Basel train station we were NOT able to print our boarding pass...there was no way of doing this--even though the instructions … countries! The nice lady in Basel said we should have waited to buy them until we got to the train station...this was the only solution she knew of...well, that obviously eliminates the need for "rail … (2013-12-01)

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  • Seat Assignment Problem

    … and not a "sorry, we don't do that". I can't even see the problems we might be encountering on the trip from Milan to Venice because I can't find a seat map anywhere for this train. I wish I would've looked at all of the posts before purchasing tickets … (2015-08-24)

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