• Buying Swiss passes for two people

    … buy Swiss Saver Passes for myself and my wife. I will arrive on Sat AM 17 March in Zurich and I planned to buy both passes there, before travelling to meet her several hours later At the Geneva Airport … (2012-03-14)

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    • … for purchase locally, but we do not have information about what those would be or the cost. You can purchase the Swiss Pass by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … together at all times. Once you enter the number of passengers traveling on the page for the Swiss Pass on our website, you would just click 'Yes' where it says 'Special … (2012-03-15)
  • Chamonix to Zermatt? Does the Swiss Pass cover Chamonix to Zermatt?

    … from Chamonix to Zermatt on December on a ski trip. I wanted to know the best way to travel form one place to the other. Does the Swiss Pass work for this? Later on, my schedule includes: Zermatt-Zurich … (2014-08-31)

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    • … on our website, you would just want to be sure that all of the countries being traveled through are accounted for on the pass you choose. With that said, the route from Switzerland to Chamonix is an exception and does happen to be covered with a Swiss Pass. In contrast, a Swiss Pass would not cover travel in Austria … (2014-09-02)
  • Will I even be able to use the Swiss Pass for public transportation within cities in Switzerland?

    I've heard that some cities do sell transportation card. However, some cities do not sell them so will I be able to use the swiss pass in those cities? And in zurich is the swiss pass good enough to cover transportation if I do not but the Zurich card? (2014-12-17)

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    • … within cities in Switzerland, whether they sell a transportation card or not. Therefore, the Swiss Pass is valid to cover public transportation … , as rail passes generally do not cover public transportation within cities in Europe. The Swiss Pass is unique … (2014-12-17)
  • Milan - Switzerland - Paris and Swiss Pass

    … ..brig to Milan) My questions: 1) Whether the Swiss pass will be useful( which one) 2) can i use the Swiss pass to book train from Paris … flights are very costly. 5) any suggestions on Trian interlaken to Lucern 6) licern to Milan- can i use swiss pass here.. 7) swiss Pass Versus Eurail pass - for swiss journeys … (2018-03-13)

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    • … . 1-2 days in Paris We are starting at Milan- Lucern- Interlaken- Paris. What kind of Swiss … and save money ? Should i add 4 days Swiss Travel pass + Swiss Travel ticket ( Interlaken / Bern to Paris ) . regular prices are sky high. Pls … (2018-03-15)
  • Initiating the first travel date on the Swiss Pass

    When I purchased my Swiss rail pass for 8 days, I was asked for an initial date of travel, I selected June 22 but now my initial day will be June 24. Is there flexibility on initial use date or is the date selected when I purchased hard and fast? (2016-06-20)

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    • … of validity is fixed. Therefore, the validity period of your Swiss Travel Pass would still be 8 days from June 22nd (if you purchased the 8 'consecutive' day pass) or 1 month from June 22nd (if you purchased … (2016-06-22)
  • Does the Swiss Pass give discounts for travel from Paris to Zurich?

    We will be traveling from Paris to Zurich. Does the Swiss Pass give us any discounts going from France to Switzerland? Thanks, Paula (2014-10-20)

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    • … Paula. With a Swiss Pass, you would be able to receive a rate called the 'Passholder 3' on the direct 'TGV Lyria … ' on our homepage and indicate the type of pass you'll be traveling with when prompted (i.e. the Swiss Pass). 2.) When you pull up the results … (2014-10-20)
  • Regarding Swiss Pass bonuses, when do I pay?

    … flexible swiss pass...for a discounted trip --- whether rail, gondola, whatever --- do i pay the discounted fare where tickets are sold for the trip or do i just board, show my swiss pass to the ticket taker and pay him/her the discounted fare … (2014-08-12)

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    • Hi Tim, The discounts that come with a Swiss Pass are for tickets purchased locally when you're in Switzerland. To receive any bonus that comes with the Swiss Pass, you would just show your pass itself. (2014-08-12)
    • thanks...finally!...i go to the ticket office, show my swiss pass and pay the discount fare. (2014-08-12)
  • Swiss Pass 2 for 1 question

    … purchased a Swiss Pass 2 for 1 Special you guys were offering. When i purchased it. The Conditions stated … this because im Traveling in March. But now when i check your website you have just updated the Swiss Pass 2 for 1 with a new condition that its only valid … (2012-03-03)

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    • Received the Swiss Pass 2 for 1 in the mail today. The tickets states it has restrictions on it Valid from April 1st … (2012-03-05)
  • Present Swiss Pass at office to get ticket or No ticket needed, just get on train or bus?

    If I buy a Swiss Pass, do I need to present it at ticket windows before boarding trains or buses (to get a ticket for "free"), or do I just get on the train or bus and show the Swiss Pass to the conductor or bus driver? (2013-07-02)

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    • Hi Mary, The Swiss Pass is actually all you would need to board. You would just show your Swiss Pass to the conductor or bus driver, and you would not need a ticket. (2013-07-03)
  • Interlaken to Charmonix with my swiss pass

    … : http://www.myswissalps.com/fb/maps/st... It says I can use the swiss pass to as far as Charmonix. How do I get from Martigyn to Charmonix? Is the pass applicable for the SNCF trains too? http://www.chamonix.net/files/Train … (2012-05-25)

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    • … YinJin, You will be able to use your Swiss Pass for the route from Martigny to Chamonix. If your are traveling further into France on SNCF trains, you might want to consider buying a France - Switzerland pass from our web site www.raileurope.com. Hope this helps. Nicola (2012-05-26)
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