• Delima with Luggage for a group

    … and 2 elders; departing Marseilles to Barcelona via train. We could not get any kind of help what so ever at train stations to transfer our luggage … (2019-07-30)

    Products: … )Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Trenitalia Trains (Italy)LuggageFrance - Spain High Speed … (Paris-Barcelona/Madrid)Italo Trains (Italy)Le Frecce Trains (Italy)TGV Int … (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)At the Train StationOnboard OptionsBooking OnlineRail Pass & Reservations

  • Seat reservation on Thalys from Amsterdam to Rotterdam

    … seat reservation for the Thalys train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, but when I try to book it, the website gave me the following info … ." What does this message entail? Do i need to book a separate ticket for this train? (I am booking with a Eurail Global Pass … (2013-04-26)

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  • I did not hear back on my rail pass booking even though they said I would be contacted

    … (june 10) evening, for my rail passes and ticket/train reservations. I was told that some of my "products" were unable to be completed but that they were working on my request, and will contact me within 2 business day (2013-06-14)

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  • How Do we Get Our Tickets When We Have a Reservation ?

    … brought our reservation to the central train station in milan in order to exchange it for the tickets we already paid for. The representative at the counter … (2013-06-21)

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  • Using an SNCF Coupon while booking on RE Site

    … , sent to me by SNCF, of about $100.00 value, due to a late train on a previous trip. It says on the coupon that it cannot be used "after the fact". I previously … (2013-09-02)

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  • Current rail strike July/Aug 2014

    I believe there is a rail strike in Spain. Friends are due to train from Bsrcelona to Perpignan on Friday. Who do they contact to confirm if their train is going. They are not having much joy over the phone to Bcn rail. They booked via raileurope website. (2014-07-30)

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  • Europrail world TAKES MONEY FROM CARD

    day, I have tried to make a booking earlier today for the travel from Madrid to Barcelona on 27th of June. It was made on … and I am going to loose 270 euros without having ANY TICKET. I have tried making a booking for the train on 8:20, 8:30 and 7 … (2013-06-19)

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  • Tried cancelling part of my itinerary. No confirmation or indication of cancellation; No refund.

    … time. (The "exchange" tool did not offer comfort class for the new train, so I cancelled and rebooked instead.) However, I have not received a refund; I have not received … (2014-05-06)

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  • No View or Choose Button for Reservation

    … to Marseille do not show any View button beside them, and I can't select them in any way - does that just mean the train is full or no more reservations are available? It seems to only be the ones with no transfers - the multi … (2016-05-13)

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  • Valid problem

    … , an employee said to us our tickets should be valid for current time because our tickets are valid for all day and he took us 50 euro for each ticket. But we didn't see any validation machine near the train or someone to said to us about valid. What should we do? We did not any information … (2018-02-03)

    Products: Leonardo Express Train

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