• Swiss Pass for travel between France and Switzerland

    Hi, does a Swiss Pass help me get a discount for travel between France and Switzerland? (2012-04-22)

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    • Swiss pass allows for travel on the national rail networks of Switzerland. Depending on your destination in France … rate may be available. You may find Passholder fares and schedules online at http://www.raileurope.com. Travel bonuses for the Swiss pass may be found online at http://goo.gl/PM7uC … (2012-04-23)
  • Hello:We are traveling from Interlaken to Venice, what is the best option for us to travel? We will have a Swiss pass to begin with.

    Should I get a Europe Global or 2 country or just Swiss pass to travel. I am traveling with family in Switzerland and Italy for 6 days in each country. Please advise. (2014-03-03)

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  • Eurail global pass - will it cover Paris to Zermatt? Or do we do Swiss Pass

    … days in Switzerland (Zermatt being our first stop). Is it better to get a TGV ticket to either Basel or Lausanne and then get the Swiss Travel Pass for the remainder of our trip? We will probably be going back to Paris (from Geneva … (2016-04-19)

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  • Swiss Pass - 2 for 1 Promotion Question

    Just a quick question - I am 25 and my wife is 23 - are we still eligible for this promotion? (2012-05-13)

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    • Anyone can qualify for this promotion. Please note that if you are booking the Swiss 2 for 1 Spring promotion pass, travel must be completed by May 31. Thank you. Jen (2012-05-14)
  • How do I book Interlaken to Jungfrau with a Eurail France-Swiss Pass?

    … France- Switzerland rail pass bought from Rail europe. I need to buy train tickets from Interlaken … for discounts. I was told I will get 50 % discount if I have that pass, but I still see the price as $244 per person for a round trip from Interlaken to Jungfrau … (2015-07-08)

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  • Zurich to St.Mortiz, Glacier Express, Lucerne, and Geneva to Vienna with a Swiss Pass

    I am planning to travel from Zurich City on July 29 to St.Moritz and take the Glacier express, and reach that out to staty in Lucerne. How do I do that? Also, is Swisspass valid to travel from Geneva to Vienna? How long is the train journey from Geneva... (2016-05-04)

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    • … en route. Reservations are not necessary or even accepted on these trains, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board. Even though you wouldn't be booking reservations for these trains … . Reservations are not necessary on the trains from Geneva to Zurich, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board. For planning purposes, you can still just check … (2016-05-05)
  • Bern-Murren, Murren-Grindelwald, Grindelwald-Bern. Swiss Pass or Point-to-Point Tickets?

    … choosing the correct pass vs point to point tickets for my client. If you can guide me, this is what they are planning and need train tickets for: 2 … departs around 5:00 PM) I don't know if the best thing to do is buy them point to point tickets or a pass? Thank you in advance … (2014-06-30)

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    • … Yvette, You can check costs for the Swiss Pass by clicking 'Find a pass' at the top of the homepage of our travel agent … , you would determine your overall most economical option by comparing the costs for the Swiss Pass to the cumulative total of the point-to-point … (2014-06-30)
  • Swiss Pass & then Basel to Munich

    … heading to Munich to explore there for a few days. What would be best just to get train tickets for our travel from Basel to Munich. We would use our Swiss pass to get to Basel.Thanks Randy (2018-02-18)

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    • … Randy, Since the Swiss Travel Pass would not cover you in Germany, you would just need to purchase regular tickets. You would purchase tickets … once in Zurich along the way. If you choose the option via Zurich, your Swiss Travel Pass would be valid on the train from Basel to Zurich … PM CT on Saturdays. In addition to the Swiss Travel Pass and the St Margrethen-Munich ticket, reservations … (2018-02-20)
  • Can I book a Swiss Pass online and print it as an e-ticket?

    … Europe this Wednesday, so I worried that I won't be able to get the swiss pass via mail before I leave for Europe. So is there anyway I can get the ticket by email or print out e-ticket online? or, can I book the ticket and pick up the swiss pass at the ticket booth at Zurich airport … (2012-04-09)

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    • … Jeff, Sorry, if it was confusing - here are my questions 1) I would like to buy a swiss pass for my parents in INDIA, who is actually taking … ) 4) i would need to know the best options/ connections and what is covered in swiss pass for the following - Day1 - Zurich - Interlaken … (2014-06-12)
    • … as paper tickets and those would need to be sent via UPS. All trains are covered by the Swiss Passes. For the Jungfraujoch you would need to purchase additional tickets as this is only slightly discounted with the pass. The Chocolate … (2014-06-13)
  • swiss pass and eurail select pass

    … ,one day in frankfurt ,amesterdam and five days in brussels . can any one suggest me which pass i ill go for? what are the benefits of taking select eurail pass? is swiss and eurail pass covers all transportations including … ,boats,cable cars? should i prefer only eurail pass over swiss pass or have to take both for cost effective travelling … (2013-04-20)

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    • … buses and boats. Therefore, it doesn't just cover the trains, as other passes do. The Swiss Pass also allows for entry to over 400 museums … would not offer these bonuses. To view costs and information for the Swiss Pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … (2013-04-22)
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