• Eurail Global Pass - 1st Class vs. 2nd Class

    I am looking to purchase a Eurail Global Pass and was trying to decide between 1st and 2nd class. We have a group of 8, four adults and four teenagers. When I look at booking each train, the only option I see is second class. What is the benefit of a... (2019-05-23)

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    • … you're looking at. London to Paris From London to Paris, you would take the Eurostar. These do require reservations. For travel with a rail pass … , 1st class reservations will display if available.The Eurostar is unique from other trains in that it can be reserved 6 to 9 … (2019-05-23)
  • London, Paris, & Geneva with several French stops (i.e. Vaucresson & Versailles)

    I will be in Wimbledon, UK for 6 days in June, then to France: Paris to Vaucresson to Versailles to Avignon and back to Paris. Total France = 9 days then train to Geneva, Switzerland. No more trains once in Geneva. Any and all sage advice is sincerely... (2012-04-09)

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    • … . To get from Wimbledon to Paris, you would first have to go into the city of London to catch the Eurostar train that will take you down to Paris. For your trains from Wimbledon to London … to the city of London will arrive into the Waterloo station, while the Eurostar trains from London to Paris depart from the St. Pancras … (2012-04-11)
  • How to do London, Paris, Juno Beach, Vimy Ridge, Ieper, Venice, and Rome

    plan to stay 2 days in london then 2 days in paris then visit juno beach vimy ridge and ieper in belgium then to venice 2 days then to rome 4 day would like to take the fast train where ever we can need help HOW TO DO THISChenry99@rogers.com (2013-06-23)

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    • … to Paris is a high-speed train called the Eurostar. The closest rail station to Vimy Ridge … (2013-06-24)
  • MY FIRST Eurpoean vacation. Woohoo!

    I want to visit London, Paris and either Spain, Belgium or Italy next year. In what order would make the most sense? London and Paris are absolute destinations but I'm open to the third. This will be my first trip to Europe and I'm doing it solo. I have... (2013-07-11)

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    • … /england/london/ . Another important item of note is that the Eurostar train, which connects London with either Paris or Brussels … on this train at a 'Passholder' fare. Since ticket costs for the Eurostar are not covered by any pass, the Passholder fares on this train … (2013-07-12)
    • … passengers to receive ‘passholder’ rates for reservations on the Eurostar: Any single country Eurail Pass, including … Eurail Select Pass continue to not be valid on the Eurostar. Passengers traveling with any of these rail passes would need to purchase … (2018-04-18)
  • Adding days when making reservations on French Rail pass

    … . One day I will be travelling round trip to London on the Eurostar. One day I want to make a reservation to travel round trip … train, 4 days for the round trip Eurostar train and 4 days for the round trip … (2013-08-16)

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    • … (i.e. the 'travel days' I describe above), whether a train requires reservations or not. The Eurostar train between Paris and London is not covered by any rail … ; however, you would be eligible to receive the Passholder rate for a ticket on the Eurostar, and it would not use up a day of rail travel on your pass. Therefore, you would not count … (2013-08-16)
  • London-Brussels-Cologne-Munich-Venice-Milan-Geneva. Is Eurail Global Pass the right option?

    … Milan to Geneva I am starting from London. I will purchase the EuroStar for London to Brussels and flying back from Geneva to London … (2014-07-26)

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    • … option for travel. You would also qualify for a passholder discount on the Eurostar from London to Brussels. However, if you do take advantage of this discount, the Eurail … (2014-07-28)
    • … . With this pass, you would still be able to receive a 'Passholder' fare for a ticket on the Eurostar train from London to Brussels. You would purchase the Eurail … your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage to purchase tickets at the Passholder rate on the Eurostar from London to Brussels … (2014-07-28)
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  • Bringing bikes on trains: London to Paris and Paris to Nice

    My friend and I will be biking in France and Spain this summer, starting in Nice. However, before we start our bike ride we will be spending several days in both London and Paris, necessitating train rides from London to Paris and then Paris to Nice.... (2015-05-11)

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    • … and pedals detached and the handlebars parallel to the frame. The Eurostar (the train from London to Paris); however, is unique from other trains … . There would be a fee to check your bikes, which I believe would be about 25€ per bike. The Eurostar also offers a service to reserve space for your bikes … (2015-05-12)
  • Which pass for Rome-Munich-Paris-London?

    What pass for two youths traveling together. Start in Italy, then to Munich, then to Paris, then to London (Eurostar). Dates - depart July 12 out of Rome. Have 7 nights but will be using the train 4 or 5 times. Thank you. Ro (2015-06-03)

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    • … trains, just like the direct train from Munich to Paris. To get from Paris to London, you would take the high-speed Eurostar train … (2015-06-05)
  • Paris, London, Nice, and Monaco

    Hi There, planning a trip from Vancouver to Paris and London for myself, daughter and mother. We fly into Paris. Planning to spend a few days in Paris and London with a jaunt down to Nice for a few days as well and take a couple day trips from there... (2015-06-18)

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    • … along the way. The trains from London to Paris are high-speed 'Eurostar' trains, and the trains from Paris to Nice are high-speed … from Nice to Monaco would only take between 13 and 23 minutes. Generally, the 'Eurostar' can be booked 6 to 9 months in advance … (2015-06-19)
  • Luggage Size Restrictions for my trip. Are there any issues with storing a large hard suitcase from London to Paris?

    Most web sites tell you to bring small collapsible luggage because there is no storage on train for large suitcase. Our suitcases are hard. We will be in Europe for 2 weeks and have one suitcase each. Are there any issues with storing a large hard... (2015-11-28)

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    • … or in the overhead racks, as well as at the end of each train car in many cases. The Eurostar (the train between London and Paris) is one of the only train types … luggage. The fee to check additional luggage on the Eurostar is set locally, but I believe it ranges from about £20 to £40 per item … (2015-11-30)
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