• Never again

    … ,we were traveling with TGV Lyria from Zuerich to Paris. The train did not show up in Zuerich and we were put in the cars they could find in the area and we were sent to Basel … ,with no water in the washroom,with no A/C.In the bar they had 2 bottles of water for the whole train and it was hot inside and outside.It was the last leg of our european trip and this incident … (2018-07-29)

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  • Don't take advantage of good, paying customers

    … . On Saturday we took our final trip from Venice to Milan. The train was scheduled at 12:50pm, but we took the earlier at 11:50. On the train, the conductor charged me 50 Euros as a penalty. I asked why, and he told me that I should have filled the date of our travel on the ticket … (2013-06-15)

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  • How can I make a reservation if a have the same pass holder number in a saver pass for 2 adults?

    Hi! Recently a bought a Benelux-France saver pass for 2 people but when a try to make a reservation in the eurail app i can't because it says that has the same pass holder. I would appreciate help please URGENT (2017-05-19)

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  • France rail strike

    I have bought e-tickets for this Thursday and want a refund for the 5 tickets because the French rail strike will prevent us from reaching our destination. Please guide me thru the process. (2018-07-16)

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  • When seat reservations aren't reservations (or how do I keep from being tossed out the door)

    … my girlfriend contacted Rail Europe, with about 10 days to go to our trip and the customer rep. assured her the passes … by others. And of course, Rail Europe's phone support is not working during the day (German time) barring a small window. How do we get our seat reservations … (2014-08-08)

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  • Bait and switch for premium ticket purchase

    … and private bathroom W/shower. I along with the rest of the passengers in that train car did not receive that accommodation despite paying for it. I submitted a claim … several times, (even as recently as last week) and was told that Rail Europe is awaiting a response from the train operator (City Night Line) and cannot do anything until they receive … (2014-10-23)

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  • Injustice

    … that the taxi driver didn't have personalised receipt? Was it our fault that your train was late more than 3 hours and while we were on time? Do you think its me who produced this receipt at home … : Gare de départ : - Gare d'arrivée : Date et heure de départ : N° train : Dossier Voyage : Prix total : Bonjour … (2018-10-16)

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  • Rail Protection Plan

    … a refund except for the Paris- Brussels part of the trip where only 50% was refunded. Subsequently I booked a direct train to Brussels, about ten days later using RailEurope. When I asked for the insurance to cover the unrefunded … (2012-08-01)

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  • "Internal error" when attempting to submit a booking

    … existing booking that I'm trying to exchange for the same itinerary the following day. Every time I try to make the exchange, I get the following message: "Whoops! Pardon … (2014-02-17)

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  • No link to print@home on confirmation email

    … from Bordeaux to Amiens on the 23rd of April (in 3 days time). I have received the confirmation email but it is missing the print … for my tickets! I have contacted the customer service links a few days ago but am still waiting for a reply. How can I contact someone to get them to send me a new confirmation email? I found a link … (2014-04-19)

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