• Paris, London, Nice, and Monaco

    Hi There, planning a trip from Vancouver to Paris and London for myself, daughter and mother. We fly into Paris. Planning to spend a few days in Paris and London with a jaunt down to Nice for a few days as well and take a couple day trips from there... (2015-06-18)

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  • Paris to London and Amsterdam

    Hello I'm staying in Paris for 5 days and would like to travel to London the second day and Amsterdam on day three, what pass should I purchase because I'm not sure what to choose from?? Thanks (2015-08-16)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)

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  • Tickets or railpass for trip that includes Amsterdam, London, Paris, Switzerland, Belgium, Geneva, Zermatt, Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, Bern, Luzern & Basel over 20 days?

    hi~~ i will travel to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Switzerland & Belgium in 20 days.. I have few question to ask.. 1) Which pass is suitable for me? 2) Or should i just buy the point to point ticket for each trip? 3) do Eurail Global pass cover most... (2015-09-12)

    Products: Glacier ExpressEurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Eurail Passes

    Tags: … , london, lucerne, luzern, paris, switzerland, uk, united kingdom, visp to zermatt, wengernalp …

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  • When do schedules open up from Rome to Assisi, Assisi to Venice, and Venice to London?

    Where is the best resource for finding when December 25 and beyond fares will be listed/availabe. I am trying to book transfers from Rome>Assisi, Assisi>Venice, and Venice>London (2015-09-26)

    Products: Frecciarossa Trains (Italy)Thello Trains (Italy-France)Italo Trains (Italy)Le Frecce Trains (Italy)

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  • London-Paris-Bern-Strasbourg-Frankfurt. Can you do just separate passes for each country instead of eurail passes?

    I am starting my trip in London for 2.5 days then on to Paris for one day only. Then on to Bern Switzerland for 8 days. Up to Strasbourg France for 8 days then up to Frankfurt Germany for 1 day( maybe day trips to Germany while in Strasbourg) Which... (2015-10-29)

    Products: Rail PassReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)ICE Trains (Germany)Eurail Select Pass

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  • Budapest to Prague / London to Bruges - How soon am I able to book?

    how soon am I able to book rail tickets between Budapest and Prague? London and Bruges? (2016-04-04)

    Products: TicketEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • Will rail pass select work for itinerary from London to Milan, Milan to Rome, Rome to Florence, Florence to Venice, Venice to Vienna, and Vienna to Paris?

    London to Milan, Milan to Rome Rome to Florence Florence to Venice Venice to Vienna Vienna to Paris (2016-05-08)

    Products: … )Eurail Select PassTrenitalia Int'l Night Trains (Italy - Austria, Croatia & Hungary)Le Frecce … (Paris-Germany)TGV Int'l Trains (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)Semmering …

    Tags: … , rome, rome to florence, tgv est, uk, united kingdom, venezia, venezia-vienna …

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  • Why do I receive the message "sorry our online system cannot find any schedules" for Southampton to Porto?

    I am a U.S. Travel Agent trying to make a reservation for (2) Seniors to travel via Rail from Southampton, England to Porto, Portugal on Aug. 2, 2016. I'm receiving the message "sorry, our on-line system can't find any schedules for this trip". 1.) ... (2016-06-22)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)TGV Trains (France)Spanish Night Trains (Barcelona-Granada/Madrid)Booking Online

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  • London to Dijon & then Dijon to Amsterdam. Should I buy a rail pass or tickets?

    I am traveling with my daughter from London to Dijon then Dijon to Amsterdam. Should I buy a railpass rather than separate tickets totaling $550? I am 57 years old and my daughter is 21 years old. I am not sure if I have to buy a Britpass or euro pass? (2016-07-09)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)TGV Trains (France)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Eurail France Pass

    Tags: … , passholder, tgv, tgv lyria, thalys, uk, united kingdom, france rail pass …

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  • What pass makes sense for London to Paris, Paris to Geneva, Geneva to Milan, Milan to Venice, Venice to Milan?

    want to travel from London to Paris, Paris to Geneva ( SWZ), Geneva to Milan and Venice for a day while in Milan. 2 weeks total. What pass makes the most sense for 2 adults? Thanks (2017-02-26)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Trenitalia Trains (Italy)Eurail Select Pass

    Tags: … , passholder 2, switzerland, tgv lyria, uk, united kingdom, venice, venice to milan

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