• Protection Plan is a waste of money

    … to Europe. Therefore, do not purchase the protection and do not purchase reserved train tickets in advance as there is no changing plans allowed … (2013-05-28)

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  • Flooding in northers Germany

    How can I check if my train from Bonn to Berlin on June 27th 2013 will be affected by the flooding in the north of Germany? (2013-06-19)

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  • Lost object

    Hy, we have travel from Paris to Barcelona in 16.01.2015 at 7:15 am, and we forgot in the train a black headphone. Please if someone have found this let me now. Thanks Stephanie Nisenolz (2015-01-17)

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  • invali_ptp_error

    … book tickets. After selecting trains I am asked to put information about who is traveling. Once I fill in the names it gives me error booking.error … (2015-04-22)

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  • Charged 3 times on credit card but no tickets booked. Error.

    I tried to input my credit card details 3 times, and there's still error loading/booking tickets. My credit card has been charged 3 times of the same amount but I have no train tickets. Trying to book Madrid to Barcelona train on 24t (2016-09-26)

    Products: TicketAVE Trains (Spain)

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  • Antiquated system

    Such an antiquated system. How are the train options and rates NOT live? We are in the year 2018. Get it together!!! Such a terrible experience. (2018-02-22)

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  • Worst SNCF

    … that the taxi driver didn't have personalised receipt? Was it our fault that your train was late more than 3 hours and while we were on time? Do you think its me who produced this receipt at home … : Gare de départ : - Gare d'arrivée : Date et heure de départ : N° train : Dossier Voyage : Prix total : Bonjour … (2018-10-16)

    Products: SNCF Trains (France)

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  • On line Reservations

    … 4 days I have attempted to purchase round trip tix from Paris to Bayeux. Always get an error message … (2012-05-12)

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  • Never received tickets - only by post

    … . I am not sure why I can't simply print these tickets out, but in any case this trip is in a few days and I don't have my tickets. I even have the assigmed seat numbers in the confirmation … (2016-01-05)

    Products: TicketICE Trains (Germany)Delivery Options

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  • These rogues stole over 600 euros from my 2 credit cards,

    … country and waste 200 euros on taxis and another 360 euros on trains I had paid for before I went. Disgraceful service (2016-06-02)

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