• Paris, London, Nice, and Monaco

    Hi There, planning a trip from Vancouver to Paris and London for myself, daughter and mother. We fly into Paris. Planning to spend a few days in Paris and London with a jaunt down to Nice for a few days as well and take a couple day trips from there... (2015-06-18)

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    • … along the way. The trains from London to Paris are high-speed 'Eurostar' trains, and the trains from Paris to Nice are high-speed … from Nice to Monaco would only take between 13 and 23 minutes. Generally, the 'Eurostar' can be booked 6 to 9 months in advance … (2015-06-19)
  • Luggage Size Restrictions for my trip. Are there any issues with storing a large hard suitcase from London to Paris?

    Most web sites tell you to bring small collapsible luggage because there is no storage on train for large suitcase. Our suitcases are hard. We will be in Europe for 2 weeks and have one suitcase each. Are there any issues with storing a large hard... (2015-11-28)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Luggage

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    • … or in the overhead racks, as well as at the end of each train car in many cases. The Eurostar (the train between London and Paris) is one of the only train types … luggage. The fee to check additional luggage on the Eurostar is set locally, but I believe it ranges from about £20 to £40 per item … (2015-11-30)
  • What is the station for the Chunnel that is convenient to Heathrow?

    Does the tunnel train end in St. Pancras and Stratford and Waterloo? (I heard those are the three end stops) If so, which is the easiest access from Heathrow? (2016-04-16)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Heathrow Express

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    • … Todd, St Pancras is the only station in London that services the 'Eurostar' (the train that goes through the Chunnel). There is no other station in London … -express/index.html. You would purchase tickets for a Eurostar train from Paris to London or Brussels to London … (2016-04-18)
  • Traveling from the US to CDG and then on to Bayeux, arriving 9:30 am, is there a train station at airport? How do I find it?

    Just looking for a good connection (2016-08-02)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)SNCF Trains (France)Activities

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    • … . Trains from Paris to London are high-speed 'Eurostar' trains. Trains from Bayeux to Paris arrive back into the St Lazare station in Paris, while the Eurostar trains to London depart from the Paris Nord station.Therefore, you would take Line … from St Lazare to Nord only takes about 5 minutes, but Eurostar asks that passengers be at the station about 30 minutes … (2016-08-04)
  • Eurail Pass for London to Paris, Paris to Interlaken (trip to Jungfraujoch), Interlaken to Zurich (trip to Mt Titlis), Zurich to Vienna, and Vienna to Salzburg

    we a family of 2, one senior and 1 adult intend to travel from Paris to Interlaken. after staying 2 days in Interlaken including a tour to Jungfrau, we want to go to Zurich and stay for 2 days. we want to visit Mt. Titlis from Zurich. Then we intend to... (2017-03-20)

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    • … , a Eurail Select Pass that includes France does also now cover the Eurostar trains between London and Paris … trains would just require reservations as a supplement to the pass. The Eurostar can sell out quickly, so it is recommended that reservations be purchased … (2017-03-20)
    • … passengers to receive ‘passholder’ rates for reservations on the Eurostar: Any single country Eurail Pass, including … Eurail Select Pass continue to not be valid on the Eurostar. Passengers traveling with any of these rail passes would need to purchase … (2018-04-05)
  • London to Paris, Paris to Marseilles, and back to Paris (with other trips). Is the best way tickets or a rail pass?

    Ok, I need to travel from London to Paris; then I want to travel from Paris to Marseilles and back to Paris, but I want to also travel while I'm in Paris and Marseilles to other remote countrysides in between staying within France for a total of 11... (2017-04-15)

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    • … As of just this year, any Eurail Pass that includes France is valid to cover the Eurostar trains from London to Paris … out quickly, so it is recommended that these reservations be purchased as soon as possible. Generally, the Eurostar can be reserved 6 to 9 months in advance … (2017-04-17)
  • What do I need to travel from London to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Barcelona, Barcelona to Madrid, & Madrid To Paris?

    We'll be traveling(Group of 5, 2 adults, 3 youths) from London to Amsterdam for 3 days. Then Amsterdam to Barcelona for 2 days and also 2 days in Madrid, and from Madrid to Paris. What type of ticket do I need? (2018-03-17)

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    • … Select Pass; however, this pass does now cover the Eurostar, which is the train that connects London with Brussels and Paris … once in Brussels along the way. From London to Brussels, you would be on the high-speed Eurostar. From Brussels to Amsterdam, you would be on the high-speed Thalys … (2018-03-20)
  • Booking reservations for Paris-Interlaken, Interlaken-Innsbruck, Innsbruck-Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Paris, & Paris-London

    I need help making reservations for my husband, myself and my daughter with our Eurail Global Passes. My husband and I have 15 day Saver 2 Global Pass and my daughter has a 3 month Global Pass. Do I have to activate it before I make seat reservations? We... (2018-04-11)

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    • … would make you eligible to receive a 'passholder fare' for reservations on the Eurostar train to get you from Paris to London. For the Eurail Global … with the Eurail Global Pass, you would purchase reservations for a Eurostar from Paris to London by searching the route on our homepage … (2018-04-12)
  • One week travel - Gatwick Airport, Croydon, Wigan North, London, Paris, London, Winchester

    We are arriving at Gatwick and planning to take the train/underground to hotel in Croydon; next day train from Euston Station to Wigan North; back to London, one day trip to Paris, back to London and then to Winchester within a week. Would a British... (2018-07-02)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)BritRail England Pass

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    • … /BritRail England Pass is also not valid on the Eurostar between London and Paris. To take the Eurostar, you would need to purchase an additional ticket … TRAIN TICKETS' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar can sell out quickly, so it is recommended that the tickets be purchased … (2018-07-03)
  • Travel from London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Brussels, Brussels to Paris. All in March 2019. Which pass suits best.

    Can you please help. Also what if I would like to travel for a day in London tube. (2019-01-20)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)ICE Trains (Germany)

    Tags: … , brussels, brussels to paris, bruxelles, england, eurostar, france, frankfurt, frankfurt to brussels, germany …

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    • … (Brussels Midi). Trains from London to Brussels are Eurostar high-speed trains. Direct trains … ICE (InterCity Express) trains. Generally, Eurostar trains can be booked 6 to 9 months … (2019-01-22)
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