• Additional cost with Eurail Global Pass from Zurich to Amsterdam through Paris & Amsterdam to London?

    I have EuroRail Global Pass. if I travel from Zurich to Amsterdam through Paris in a day, that'll be considered one travel day, and then travel from Amsterdam to London that'll also be one travel day. I'll not need to pay extra to pass through Brussels... (2018-06-14)

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    • … . Amsterdam to London Eventually, there will be the introduction of direct Eurostar service straight through from Amsterdam to London (currently … trains that require reservations. From Brussels to London, you would take the Eurostar, which also requires reservations. For travel with a rail pass … (2018-06-14)
  • One week travel - Gatwick Airport, Croydon, Wigan North, London, Paris, London, Winchester

    We are arriving at Gatwick and planning to take the train/underground to hotel in Croydon; next day train from Euston Station to Wigan North; back to London, one day trip to Paris, back to London and then to Winchester within a week. Would a British... (2018-07-02)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)BritRail England Pass

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    • … /BritRail England Pass is also not valid on the Eurostar between London and Paris. To take the Eurostar, you would need to purchase an additional ticket … TRAIN TICKETS' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar can sell out quickly, so it is recommended that the tickets be purchased … (2018-07-03)
  • What is the best train route/pass (May 2019):Paris-Bayeux (3 nights). Bayeux-London (5 nights). London-Lourdes (3 nights). Lourdes-Paris.

    Please help...what is the best train route and pass to purchase in May 2019: Paris to Bayeux (3 nights in Bayeux). Bayeux to London (5 nights in London). London to Lourdes (3 nights). Lourdes to Paris. (2019-01-23)

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    • … pass, the pass you'd get would be the Eurail Global Pass. This way, your Eurostar trains between Paris and London would also be covered. For the Eurail … transferring again in Paris along the way. The trains from London to Paris are Eurostar high-speed trains, and the trains from Paris … (2019-01-24)
  • London>Paris>Lucerne>Interlaken>Jungfraujoch>Zurich>Venice>Florence>Rome

    Advice on best travel route (2019-03-14)

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    • … From London to Paris, you would take the high-speed Eurostar train. On the Eurostar, reservations are required as a supplement to the rail … pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). The Eurostar can sell out quickly, so it is recommended that you purchase these reservations … (2019-03-15)
  • Europalooza!! London-Paris, Paris-Brussels, Brussels-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Essen, Essen-Prague, Prague-Vienna

    We are traveling from London to Paris, to Brussels, to Amsterdam, to Essen, to Prague and ending in Vienna. There are 3 of us "senior" not Seniors! traveling together. What is the best pass for us and please give us train details for each locations.... (2019-03-16)

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    • … From London to Paris, you would take the high-speed Eurostar train. On the Eurostar, reservations are required as a supplement to the rail … pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). The Eurostar can sell out quickly, so it is recommended that you purchase these reservations … (2019-03-18)
  • Will the Eurail Global Pass cover costs for London to Paris, travel within Spain, Spain to Portugal & return to Spain?

    If I purchase a 5 day multi country, Eurail Global Pass will it cover the cost of the speed train for: travel from London to Paris; all travel within Spain; Spain to Portugal and return trip Portugal to Spain? (2019-04-03)

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    • … that reservations would be required when traveling there. Reservations are also required on the Eurostar, which is the train that connects London and Paris. For travel … -90 days of an intended departure date. The Eurostar (London-Paris) is unique in that it can usually be booked 6 … (2019-04-04)
  • Travel from London - Brussesl - Antwerp - London

    I'd like to travel from London to Brussels departing on 26/12/13, then on to Antwerp on 27/12/13, then return to London on 28/12/13. Can you please advise what ticket I should purchase? (2013-11-21)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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    • … of our website (www.raileurope.com) and entering your search. In fact, the Eurostar (the train that connects London and Brussels) happens … , to travel to any Belgian station that offers connections with a Eurostar train to/from Brussels. Traveler is allowed 1 … (2013-11-22)
    • Hi Jeff, While travelling from London to Brussels with Eurostar, which side of the train is more scenic? Your early reply will be appreciated. Thanks Irshas (2014-12-13)
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  • London-Brussels-Cologne-Munich-Venice-Milan-Geneva. Is Eurail Global Pass the right option?

    … Milan to Geneva I am starting from London. I will purchase the EuroStar for London to Brussels and flying back from Geneva to London … (2014-07-26)

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    • … option for travel. You would also qualify for a passholder discount on the Eurostar from London to Brussels. However, if you do take advantage of this discount, the Eurail … (2014-07-28)
    • … . With this pass, you would still be able to receive a 'Passholder' fare for a ticket on the Eurostar train from London to Brussels. You would purchase the Eurail … your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage to purchase tickets at the Passholder rate on the Eurostar from London to Brussels … (2014-07-28)
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  • Heathrow Airport - Cardiff - London - Paris

    Hello, I am traveling to Europe next month, starting in Great Britain. We are flying into Heathrow, late in the evening, and staying at a hotel near the airport (advise?). the next morning, we are headed to Cardiff for 2 days, then back to London for 3... (2015-03-09)

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    • … . The trains from London to Paris are high-speed 'Eurostar' trains. Trains operating within the United Kingdom … to 90 days of an intended date of departure. 'Eurostar' trains are unique in that they can generally be booked 6 … (2015-03-09)
  • Littlehaven, UK to Kefalonia, Greece by train & ferry (via Lille, Switzerland, Milan)

    hello, please advice, I have an idea to travel from Littlehaven, West Sussex UK to Kefalonia Greek Island by train & Ferry, via Lille, through Switzerland, Milan and ferry from Bari to Kefalonia. The ferry from Bari to Kefalonia has now ceased to... (2015-05-01)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)TGV Trains (France)Le Frecce Trains (Italy)TGV Int'l Trains (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)

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    • … trains from London to Lille (high-speed ‘Eurostar’ trains). When you do the searches, you will see that the direct trains from Littlehaven … (2015-05-04)
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