• Ticket charged, not reserved...URGENT

    … card, and I didn't get my ticket, you don't work on weekends on the Mexico Phone, and I really want to buy that train ticket ! What can I do to get back my money, or to get the ticket … (2015-08-29)

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  • Help! We are in Germany and our tickets are in the US!

    We are in Germany and left out paper tickets in the US. We are supposed to take the train this afternoon to France. What can we do? I have a printout of the confirmation and booking #. (2012-05-11)

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  • Seat Change

    … tickets for my wife and I on the Paris to Nantes TGV train for August and although they are number 33 and 34 in coach … (2013-04-22)

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  • Protection Plan is a waste of money

    … to Europe. Therefore, do not purchase the protection and do not purchase reserved train tickets in advance as there is no changing plans allowed … (2013-05-28)

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  • Flooding in northers Germany

    How can I check if my train from Bonn to Berlin on June 27th 2013 will be affected by the flooding in the north of Germany? (2013-06-19)

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  • Lost object

    Hy, we have travel from Paris to Barcelona in 16.01.2015 at 7:15 am, and we forgot in the train a black headphone. Please if someone have found this let me now. Thanks Stephanie Nisenolz (2015-01-17)

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  • invali_ptp_error

    … book tickets. After selecting trains I am asked to put information about who is traveling. Once I fill in the names it gives me error booking.error … (2015-04-22)

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  • Charged 3 times on credit card but no tickets booked. Error.

    I tried to input my credit card details 3 times, and there's still error loading/booking tickets. My credit card has been charged 3 times of the same amount but I have no train tickets. Trying to book Madrid to Barcelona train on 24t (2016-09-26)

    Products: TicketAVE Trains (Spain)

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  • Antiquated system

    Such an antiquated system. How are the train options and rates NOT live? We are in the year 2018. Get it together!!! Such a terrible experience. (2018-02-22)

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  • Worst SNCF

    … that the taxi driver didn't have personalised receipt? Was it our fault that your train was late more than 3 hours and while we were on time? Do you think its me who produced this receipt at home … : Gare de départ : - Gare d'arrivée : Date et heure de départ : N° train : Dossier Voyage : Prix total : Bonjour … (2018-10-16)

    Products: SNCF Trains (France)

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