• Italy - Switzerland With Swiss Pass

    I am planning to be in Italy in Mid Feb and then visit Switzerland for a week. Will the 8 day swiss youth pass be valid to travel between venice and Lugano in Switzerland. (2012-01-26)

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    • The Swiss Pass is valid for travel within Switzerland. An additional ticket can be purchased for the train from Venice to Lugano by visiting the following link http://www.raileurope.com/us/rail/point_to_point/triprequest.htm. (2012-01-26)
  • Purchase Swiss Pass in America and Pickup in Zurich

    Can I buy the swiss pass in America and pick up in Zurich a few days later? (2012-03-05)

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  • Torino to Zurich with Swiss Pass?

    I will be travelling from Torino to Zurich on 2nd July I have a Swiss pass. What is the best way to go about catching trains.and using pass . (2017-06-27)

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    • … Trains from Turin to Milan are not covered by a Swiss Travel Pass, so you would need to purchase regular tickets. You would purchase … the route on our homepage and indicate that you'll be traveling with the 'Swiss Travel Pass'. Generally, these trains can be reserved within 90 … (2017-06-29)
  • Eurail Pass or Swiss Pass

    … visiting Switzerland & France. We want to be able to take all swiss trains (Zurich to Interlaken, Interlaken to Bern etc) and then also possibly get discounts on mountain trains like Jungfraouch. Then we will be taking a train to France. Should we get Eurail Pass or get Swiss Pass and then do point to point for France … (2017-12-25)

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    • … Sushant, I would definitely recommend a Swiss Travel Pass, as the majority of your train travel will take place in Switzerland. Add a point to point ticket on the end for your single … (2017-12-27)
    • … , Disneyland, Louvre etc? Also, what about a round trip to Amsterdam from Paris? We visited Switzerland back in 2013 and did Swiss Travel Pass so it makes sense to do that again. Thanks, Sushant (2017-12-27)
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  • where is swiss pass sold in france? (Swiss Fall 2-for-1)

    I want to buy it online but I can not find france in mail list in your system. WHere can I buy it in France? Or should I buy it when I arrive in Swiss ? (2012-09-27)

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    • … for European rail tickets and passes. You may purchase the Swiss pass on our website if you have a North American shipping … you may contact the Swiss tourist board at http://myswitzerland.com. They may be able to assist you in finding a location that sells the Swiss Pass … (2012-09-27)
  • Swiss Pass vs Eurail Select Pass

    Does the Eurail Select Pass offer the same discounts and privileges in Switzerland on the cable cars, cog rail, & boats as the Swiss Rail Pass? (2013-01-22)

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    • … Richard, The Eurail Select Pass does not offer the same as the Swiss Rail Pass. You can view the travel bonuses for the Eurail Select Pass from our website by clicking on the following link: http://www.raileurope … (2013-01-22)
  • Conversion from Swiss Pass to Swiss Flexi Pass

    … bought a four day Swiss Pass (2 for 1 Special). However, our travel plans have changed where instead of using the 4 … over a 5 day period. Is that possible? If yes, how do I go about making that change. I will be happy to pay the price difference between the Swiss Pass and the Swiss Flexi … (2012-10-21)

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  • We are visiting London,Paris,Luzerne,Bern,Wengen,Rome,Venice. Should I get Eurorail and Swiss Travel Pass? Or Swiss Pass and train tickets?

    Eurorail Pass and Swiss Travel Pass? (2017-12-22)

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    • … , I would recommend a Eurail Select 3 Country Pass covering France, Switzerland, and Italy. Keep in mind … seat reservations for each of the trains, minus domestic Swiss trains, but will still be most cost effective than point to point … (2017-12-22)
  • I m for 6 days in austria n 13 days n swiss whch pass s best? 2 country eurail pass or the swiss pass n wat used local bus . Alisha

    … ) and 13 days in switzerland ( zurich , interlaken, montroux , geneva ) so which pass should we take ...the 2 country eurail pass or the swiss pass... and which passcan be used for local … (2017-02-14)

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  • How can I use my Swiss Pass to make reservations on things other than trains?

    For example, if I'd like to do the "Golden Round Trip" from Lucerne to Mt. Pilatus and back, how would I go about that? Or if I wanted to take advantage of the hotel discounts? What about for something like the steamers on Lake Lucerne? Thanks! (2013-04-30)

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    • … .com and click on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' under 'Let's Get Started'. The Swiss Pass is valid for travel up to Alpnachstad … /mount-pilatus/index.html . You can use the following link http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index.html to view the information … (2013-04-30)
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