• Last Name Adjustment Needed

    Hi! need some help and if not by you can you please put me in touch with someone of high power. I made a mistake while booking one of my rail tickets. My name is Quajuan Adams and my girlfriends name is Ramonica Anderson. When booking I made a mistake... (2014-02-19)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • I seem to have been sold half a ticket

    … for 8 people to travel from Milan to Geneva, Switzerland. Once on the train in Italy the ticket inspector told us that we also needed an extra pass … (2014-03-22)

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  • confirmation ticket

    … booked a night train tiket from berlin to paris. i recieved the reservation in my e-mail account but i neither got the confirmation … (2014-04-11)

    Products: City Night Line Trains (Switzerland - Germany)

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  • Last Minute Problem! Need ticket from Vienna to Zurich but leave for Europe tomorrow morning. What can we do?

    … friend and I realized that while purchasing all of our train tickets we forgot to get one for a travel from Vienna to Zurich on July 26th … (2014-06-23)

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  • We stuck in budapest! Need help!!!

    Me and 4 friends buy tickets from "Zagreb" to "Budapest" But the train was late 2 and half hour And we miss the flight because of that!!! Im stuck in the airport! What im gonna do now?!?!?!!!!!!???? (2014-08-03)

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  • What phone number do I use while in Europe?

    … . no phone number to call in Europe for questions and support. as the train station will not help with Rail Europe Tickets. so its up to Rail … (2014-08-10)

    Products: Rail PassTicketReservationsThalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)

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  • Two RailEurope Reps, Two different Answers

    … , I have not left the states yet, and I will be joining a friend from Denmark on the train from Paris to Bayeux and back to Paris. Vito instructed … (2014-09-04)

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  • Rail Europe help desk is useless!

    … flexible. I am in Paris, wanted to change the time, but SNCF, the French train company, said they can't do anything because it was booked through an agency (Rail Europe). This web … (2015-04-27)

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  • Refund HELP

    … ran into a big problem with a cancelled train which ended up costing us a fortune getting on to the airport by taxi. Any suggestions on how to recoup that $$$? We did have the insurance offered … (2015-06-19)

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  • Lost my print at home e-tickets

    During our travels in France, we've managed to lose our print at home e-tickets (tgv) from Annecy to Lyon Airport. Is it possible for us to get these reprinted at the Annecy train station or do we have to find a print shop. Thanks Kate (2015-07-02)

    Products: TicketTGV Trains (France)

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