• Paris to Lucerne & Lucerne to Zurich? Is a Swiss Pass worth it for these trips?

    Hi there ,we are travelling from Paris to Lucerne and staying in Lucerne for 3 nights. Then travelling from Lucerne to Zurich and staying in Zurich for 3 nights. Was wondering if the Swiss pass would be worth it for us. (2014-08-24)

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  • Do I need the "All Aboard" ticket cover to which my Swiss Pass is stapled?

    … save some space in my wallet. Is there a problem with removing the swiss pass itself from its ticket cover (and tossing the cover). I read a couple of sites which implied that the pass "must be stapled" to the ticket cover and should not be removed. Is this true … (2014-07-20)

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  • How long to receive @ for 1 Swiss Pass

    I am interested in purchasing the 2 for 1 Swiss Pass offer for this fall, but dont know if I have enough time to receive these passes prior to my Aug. 30 depature. Does anyone know how long these take to receive after ordering? (2012-08-19)

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  • 26 year old from Singapore eligible for youth discounted rate for Swiss Pass?

    … August to 1 September 2014. Would like to purchase a Swiss Pass. I am still 26 years old on the dates of my travel as my birthday falls in November. May I ask if I am still eligible for the youth discounted … (2014-08-07)

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  • seat reservation with swiss pass

    … travelling to Switzerland from Dubai in August 2014.If we do our swiss pass through online then how can we avail the discount in trains … facilities for many events --- how to avail those discounts online after purchase of the swiss pass online i.e the procedure for the above process … (2014-05-10)

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  • Select pass (France - Germany - Austria) + Swiss pass or Select pass (France + Germany + Austria + Switzerland)

    … for 3 countries i.e. Paris - Germany - Austria And one Swiss pass for 4 days in Switzerland Our plans … Switzerland - 31st July to Aug 5th so I can use the Swiss pass Geneva to Germany - Aug 5th … i.e. Paris - Germany - Austria or I will have to use the Swiss pass My main concern is that can I use the select pass (Paris - Germany -Austria … (2017-07-21)

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  • Wrong name given on the Swiss Pass by mistake

    … bought two swiss rail pass (myself and my wife) from my raileurope account. For some reason, the system picked my 2 year old daughter name rather than my wife's details for the rail pass. I found out my 2 year old daughter name upon receiving email confirmation of the swiss pass. Can you guide me how to request change of name … (2015-05-03)

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  • Swiss Pass

    Hai, I'm having a swiss family pass. Can i use the train from Paris to Basel with this Pass? Which train i have to board? (2017-07-13)

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    • Hello Thasim, A Swiss Travel Pass would not be valid to travel on trains from Paris to Basel, only trains within Switzerland. To get from Paris to Basel, individual point to point tickets would need to be purchased, and are available 90 days in advance. (2017-07-13)
  • Booked Swiss pass. Received confirmation from RailEurope. But did not receive actual ticket/pass for printout.

    I booked Swiss travel pass via RailEurope yesterday. I got the confirmation as well. Was expecting Swiss pass in mail for printouts but did not get it. No customer service support so far in India (2018-12-24)

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  • Where do I find the bus schedule for St Moritz to Lugano that I can use with my Swiss Pass?

    I want to take the scenic postal bus from St. Moritz to Lugano. I know there is one. Where do I find the schedule to book this? (2012-09-04)

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    • Pam, The Swiss Pass actually is valid to cover the ticket costs for the Palm Express bus … tickets for it, the schedules won't appear on www.raileurope.com. It would use up a day of rail travel on your Swiss Pass if you were to use it to take the Palm Express … (2012-09-04)
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