• Where do I find the bus schedule for St Moritz to Lugano that I can use with my Swiss Pass?

    I want to take the scenic postal bus from St. Moritz to Lugano. I know there is one. Where do I find the schedule to book this? (2012-09-04)

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    • Pam, The Swiss Pass actually is valid to cover the ticket costs for the Palm Express bus … tickets for it, the schedules won't appear on www.raileurope.com. It would use up a day of rail travel on your Swiss Pass if you were to use it to take the Palm Express … (2012-09-04)
  • Swiss Pass Special

    I know both parties need to be present to validate the pass. After the pass is validated, do both parties have to travel together? (2012-03-11)

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    • Hi Brittany, For the Swiss Spring 2-for-1 Promo, both passengers booked on the pass would have to travel together at all times. (2012-03-13)
  • 'First Class 8 days Swiss Pass Summer Promotion

    Is this for consecutive 8 days or non-consecutive 8 days within what time period? (2013-07-22)

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    • Hi Edward, The 'First Class 8 Days Swiss Pass Summer Promotion' is actually a consecutive day pass and is not offered in non-consecutive 'flexi' form. Therefore, with this pass, you would have unlimited travel within a time frame of 8 days. (2013-07-22)
  • Swiss pass question!

    I would like to book my swiss flex pass now but it looks like I will not have time to recieve the hard copy here in the states before I leave on the 5th of Sept. is there another way? (2012-08-28)

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  • When will I receive my Swiss Pass?

    How do I receive my Swiss Pass? Will they mail it to me? I am leaving in 10 days, do I still have time to order it? (2012-04-04)

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  • Paris to Switzerland Plus Swiss Pass

    My girlfriend and I plan on spending 4 days in Paris and then 8 days in Switzerland. We plan on getting the 8 day Swiss Pass, but what about train from Paris to Switzerland. What would you suggest. (2012-05-13)

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  • is swiss pass refundable if not activated?


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    • Swiss Pass is 85% refundable if it has not been validated and is returned to our office within 1 year from the date it is purchased. If you are referring … (2013-04-03)
  • Will there be a 2-for-1 swiss Pass offered this Fall. Buy one get one Free?

    Rail Europe offered this promotion last year and it was quite good. We would love to see it again (2013-05-16)

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    • Hi Helen, There is no word yet if the 2-for- Swiss Pass promotion will return this year. Please feel free to continue to check our website periodically to see if this promotion will be offered. (2013-05-17)
  • Days on a Swiss Pass

    … days of Swiss Pass with Family Card do I need for traveling from Lausanne-Interlaken and Interlaken- Zurich between August 21-24 … (2013-06-07)

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  • Swiss Pass, Rail Europe Pass or No Pass?

    What is the least expensive way to travel by train from Salzburg to Interlaken, Switzerland and then from Switzerland back to Munich. We (2 of us) will be in Switzerland for about 6 days, mostly in the Interlaken/Lucerne area. I thank you for any advice... (2012-05-04)

    Products: Rail PassReservationsEurail Select Pass

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