• 5 Charges for tickets, site told me that there was error every time I tried to book.

    … cards. EDIT: I spoke to a representative, and I believe it is an error, which will hopefully drop the charges. I will update in a couple days, once my account … (2015-04-14)

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  • Flight interruption - Site down - unable to exchange ticket - please advise

    … and because it was down for maintence I was unable to. Surely this warrants a refund but I have been emailing and calling for the past two days and no one picks up on and no response via email. Please advise … (2016-05-01)

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  • Error interno en nuestro sitio web

    … are allways busy,(seems to me they're not even working, it doesnt matter the moment of the day I try It allways gives you the same voice message: "por el momento … (2013-04-17)

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  • HELP - CANT CONTACT RAIL EUROPE to change error on ticket

    … rail trip Paris to London in 2 days and there now seems to be no way of contacting to make change. Family of 6 meant … (2017-06-29)

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  • Travelling from Marseille to Barcelona

    I'm trying to travel from Marseille to Barcelona using an Eurail pass. When I search for the Rates & Fairs, it only takes me as far as Montpellier St.-Roch and not to Barcelona. Why is this? (2013-06-20)

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  • Milan to Tirano

    Hi, I want to go from Milan to Tirano on the 18th of june, but at the Trenitalia website I can only find a timetable until the 13th. Do you know if there will be any departures from Milan to Tirano later in june? (2015-03-24)

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  • trying to book but do not get through

    I am trying to book a ticket for 1 senior on may 22 one way from madrid to seville but do not seem to get through. I tried calling but the waiting is endless. Please help (2014-02-24)

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  • Having trouble accessing tickets/routes

    Cannot access tickets/routes from Rome to Florence or Florence to Venice. The loading page keeps searching but never loads. (2017-04-10)

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  • Can I get a replacement for a lost rail pass?

    My son purchased his eurail pass with visa credit card. He has lost his pass. What chance does he have of being able to retrieve the use of his pass? (2012-04-10)

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  • Not happy

    … was late making us miss our connection and our only option to get to Florence that day was taking three more trains that were the dirty, overcrowded and no place to put our luggage. Our last connection … and conductors never checked tickets so it was packed with people standing. Because our first train was late we were not able to travel 1st class at all. So far the only reservation we got to use and the only 1st … (2013-06-30)

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