• Wrong name and Country on my EuRail Global Pass!

    Hi Wrong name and Country on my EuRail Global Pass! I want to know how can i change name and country on my Eurail Global Pass ? This ticket bought from USA and I live in Vietnam. Please help me. I need it before May Thank you so much. (2017-03-20)

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  • Travel within Switzerland with Eurail Global Pass

    … Swiss destination to be in Gimmelwald, where I'd like to stay in a hostel. Can I get from Interlaken to Gimmelwald via train? Does my Eurail Global Pass cover this ride … (2013-12-28)

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    • … Annie, The Eurail Global Pass will cover you up to Interlaken. From there you would need to purchase a separate ticket to get to Gimmelwald. We do sell the tickets to the Schilthorn … (2013-12-30)
  • Eurail Global Pass include Premier accommodations?

    Does the Eurail Global Pass First Class ticket include overnight Premier accommodations in trains like the Elipsos? (2012-02-23)

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    • … Francisco, The Eurail Global Pass offers travelers a discount pass holder fare on the Elipsos night train … is called "Gran Class" and the prices for a double pass holder Gran Class cabin is approximately … (2012-03-01)
  • Why does it show night trains as unavailable when I go to book my reservations for my Eurail Global Pass?

    When I go to make a reservation for my Global Pass, why does it show all the sleeper trains as unavailible to be booked with that pass when it says specifically to make reservations on all international overnight trains? (2012-03-03)

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  • lost Eurail Global Pass

    my daughter just started her three month stay in Europe and lost her Eurail Global Pass. It was purchased by her school and I don't know if they purchased the additional protection plan. Can she get the pass replaced and what are the fees? (2017-09-28)

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  • For travel with a Eurail Global Pass, I cannot find the trains I need or the cost is the same as buying a ticket...Paris-Brussels-Bruges-Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague-Rome-Florence-Pisa-Venice-Barcelona-Madrid

    … to see the schedules, trains and options for me... some train reservations cost the same as buying a separate ticket so i do not see the benefiit of a global pass... i am traveling from Paris to Brussels (one way) Then brussels … (2014-09-10)

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  • como hacer reservas cuando tengo mi Eurail Global Pass,

    hola, quiero comprar mi pase Eurail Global Pass, tengo entendido que tengo que hacer mi reserva aun teniendo mi pase, mi pregunta es donde puedo hacer mi reserva?? y algun numero donde me pueda comunicar con ustedes, para aclarar mi duda lo antes posible (2017-03-13)

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    • … ruta, E indicando el tipo de pasaje ferroviario con el que viajará (es decir, un 'Eurail Global Pass'). En general, los trenes reservables se pueden reservar una vez dentro … (2017-03-15)
  • Eurail Global Pass order not showing in customer section

    Eurail Global pass, I got a booking confirmation which says my booking is confirmed. It said all of my booking information can also be viewed with my mobile app … (2019-05-18)

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  • Where does the Europe Global Pass cover within Switzerland? HELP

    … from Zurich to bern, then from Bern to grindelwald, then from grindelwald to lauterbrunnen, then from lauterbrunnen to zermatt. Would all of these places be included in the eurail pass? My research shows that I may have to return to interlaken a few times to get to some of these places … (2019-03-30)

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    Tags: … oberland, bernese oberland railway, eurail global pass, grindelwald, grindelwald to zweilütschinen, interlaken, interlaken to grindelwald, lauterbrunnen, lauterbrunnen to interlaken, swiss travel pass, switzerland, zweilütschinen to lauterbrunnen

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    • … to be traveling in Switzerland, then you would just purchase the Swiss Travel Pass and not the Eurail Global Pass. The Swiss Travel … would cover all the trains you mentioned. The Eurail Global Pass would cover all the trains you mentioned, except for trains on the Bernese … (2019-04-01)
  • How do you get from Scotland to Heidelberg, Germany with a Eurail Global Pass?

    My 22 year old daughter will be in Scotland June 20 and wants to get to Germany, Heidelburg area. What is her best travel means? She is planning on having a eurorail global pass. (2014-06-09)

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    • … & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. With the Eurail Global Pass, your daughter would be eligible to receive a 'Passholder … out quickly, so it would be recommended that the tickets be purchased as soon as possible. A Eurail Global Pass covers connecting trains from Brussels … (2014-06-09)
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