• When will I receive my Swiss Pass?

    How do I receive my Swiss Pass? Will they mail it to me? I am leaving in 10 days, do I still have time to order it? (2012-04-04)

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  • Paris to Switzerland Plus Swiss Pass

    My girlfriend and I plan on spending 4 days in Paris and then 8 days in Switzerland. We plan on getting the 8 day Swiss Pass, but what about train from Paris to Switzerland. What would you suggest. (2012-05-13)

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  • is swiss pass refundable if not activated?


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    • Swiss Pass is 85% refundable if it has not been validated and is returned to our office within 1 year from the date it is purchased. If you are referring … (2013-04-03)
  • Will there be a 2-for-1 swiss Pass offered this Fall. Buy one get one Free?

    Rail Europe offered this promotion last year and it was quite good. We would love to see it again (2013-05-16)

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    • Hi Helen, There is no word yet if the 2-for- Swiss Pass promotion will return this year. Please feel free to continue to check our website periodically to see if this promotion will be offered. (2013-05-17)
  • Days on a Swiss Pass

    … days of Swiss Pass with Family Card do I need for traveling from Lausanne-Interlaken and Interlaken- Zurich between August 21-24 … (2013-06-07)

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  • Swiss Pass, Rail Europe Pass or No Pass?

    What is the least expensive way to travel by train from Salzburg to Interlaken, Switzerland and then from Switzerland back to Munich. We (2 of us) will be in Switzerland for about 6 days, mostly in the Interlaken/Lucerne area. I thank you for any advice... (2012-05-04)

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  • Swiss pass and Euro pass?

    We will be traveling extensively in Switzerland but plan some daytrips to bordering countries. Do we need to purchase both a pass for Switzerland and the Eurorail pass? Or will the Eurorail pass suffice? (2017-09-24)

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  • Deciding between which pass and which type to buy ?

    … should i use. And is there a difference between Select Pass for 3 countries and Swiss pass , do the discounts vary between them or do they offer same benefit … buy, would i miss out on train connections if i just buy the second class pass ( are there any trains with just first class coaches … (2014-04-07)

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    • … country Eurail France-Italy Pass, in combination with the Swiss Pass. You can purchase the Eurail France … /eurail-france-italy-pass/index.html. You can purchase the Swiss Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail … buses and boats. Therefore, it doesn't just cover the trains, as other passes do. The Swiss Pass also allows for entry to over 400 museums … (2014-04-07)
  • Are Swiss Travel Passes valid for Eurocity trains within Switzerland?

    … Eurocity trains covered by Swiss Travel pass for travel within Switzerland. For example an Eurocity train route … . But I want to travel between Zurich and Bellinzona by this train. Is this covered by the Swiss pass or do I have to make a separate booking or reservation on the EC … (2017-02-16)

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    • … cities within the country or countries included on the pass. The Swiss Travel Pass does cover the EC … , you can still view schedules for trains from Zurich to Bellinzona by searching the route on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. For the Swiss Travel Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index … (2017-02-16)
  • What is the best Swiss PassTrain Route from Interlakken to Chamonix?

    … purchased a Swiss Pass. Our last leg will be from Interlaaken Switzerland to Chamonix Mont Blanc France. What is the most time efficient route to take via trains … (2013-04-01)

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    Tags: mont blanc express, chamonix, swiss pass, chamonix-mont blanc, france

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    • … between Martigny and Chamonix-Mont Blanc is an exception, as the Swiss Pass is actually valid to cover this trip … train changes along the way; once in Spiez and then once in Visp. Of course, the Swiss Pass would be valid to cover this trip as well. For planning … (2013-04-02)
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