• Unable to purchase tickets

    I submit my city to city and It shows on the itinerary but will not show the charges and how to purchase tickets. (2015-05-14)

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  • Transfer time in Strasbourg station going to Basel only 8 minutes!

    Hello! I already booked my travel from Paris Est going to Interlaken West and found out that my transfer time is only 8minutes! Is this possible considering we have luggages in tow? Thanks (2018-08-05)

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  • Travel Agent who signed in wrong....

    … travel professional and due to a distraction on the day I was going to book some train tickets I signed in as a non travel agent. Now I can't fix it so I sign in as a travel agent. Can you please help me.....I did not complete my train ticket purchase for the client, so I have no confirmation number … (2013-08-24)

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  • Technical problem occur when credit card info is entered

    I was trying to book 3different legs for my Europe trip. I finally was able to book 2 of the 3 legs (realize had to book separately!) But my overnight tickets from venice to Paris still can't be processed once I put in my credit cards info due to... (2014-04-21)

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  • Mobile Web Page Semi-Flexible Plan

    … tickets to an earlier time on the same day. I booked my train through the mobile webpage on my phone and it shows I have a semi-flexible ticket. It says exchangeable before departure for a fee … (2015-05-27)

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  • No customer service at Rail Europe and I have read these very same complaints from several other people!

    … ahold of someone on the phone due to wait time and we had to get a later train ticket due to our late plane … the same mistake in booking through you for tickets they can get at the same rate on the very day they travel. I have found a consumer site with tons … (2015-09-08)

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    I tried to delete my trips many times. it doesn't work. Please help. (2017-05-08)

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  • have railpass in hand, cant make reservations

    I have in hand a railpass for a trip in two weeks. bought it from rick steves website. should i be able to connect my login to raileurope.com to my rick steve's provided railpass? How do i do that? I need to make reservations. (2018-03-19)

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  • No luck booking a Eurail ticket from Oslo to Bergen on July 8th.

    We have a Global Pass on Eurail, and can't seem to book this ticket. It does appear to be available for purchase for $165. I'm confused and concerned. Can you help please? Thank you (2013-07-02)

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  • Travelers beware of pick pockets!!

    … by a well dressed black man who quickly boarded and then exited the train after bumping into my husband and stealing his wallet from his zippered … place for travelers who are weighted down with luggage and boarding a train for a half hour ride to the airport with no stops in between. I can't stress … (2014-05-05)

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