• I need to pick up my Global Pass in Paris but I don't want to activate it until Florence. Is this an option?


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    • … Janet, The Eurail Global Pass, like most rail passes, are issued as physical documents that would have to be shipped to you before you leave … before boarding your first train. You would do this right at the rail station. The Eurail Global Pass would be purchased here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail … (2016-01-27)
    • I'm sorry, correction: Eurail Passes, including the Eurail Global Pass, can now be validated for use within 11 months from the date one is purchased. (2016-01-28)
  • Global Pass - Norway And Sweden

    We are planning to Travel to Stockholm from Norway with the Global Pass. Is there a way to get from Narvik Or Tromso In northern Norway To Stockoholm, Sweden with the Global Pass? We dont mind switching as many trains needed. (2013-08-09)

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  • Wilhelm Tell reservation with eurail global pass

    I own an eurail global pass and I want to reserve the journey for Wilhelm Tell in Switzerland. Do you have any idea how to do it? (2013-03-07)

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  • Reservation for Thello night train Milan - Paris with Eurail Global Pass unavailable

    … :38pm and arrives at 9:29 am. I have an Eurail Global Pass. When search results are displayed, there is a text … ." and there is no button to add to cart. I am already logged in as the main passholder and selected the Eurail Global Pass on search form. Can you help me? Thanks in advance (2012-02-22)

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  • 3 Adults for Eurail Global Pass Continous,how to fill the Personal details

    How to fill in Personal detail? First name: A's name, B's name, C's name Last name: A's last name, B's last name, C's last name Age: ? how to fill in for 3 adults No space to fill in How to fill in the journey details before on board, day by day or... (2014-03-24)

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  • Eurail Global Pass questions

    How long does it take to travel with the Eurail Global Pass to all 28 countries? Also, is this something where you could travel to one country and stay 2-3 days, and travel through 4-5 countries without stopping? (2018-10-02)

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  • Average cost of reservations for TGV trains in France with Eurail France Pass

    … trip in May (I've travelled via train in France extensively, but never with a Eurail pass). We're planning on making a Paris-Lyon-Toulon … reservation charge for a TGV runs, generally - as these might make purchasing individual tickets from the SNCF just as economical as the pass (2017-01-11)

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    • … is added, you can just indicate that you'll be traveling with the Eurail Global Pass in order to get a price and purchase any reservations for trains in France. You would refer … , enter the route, and then indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' when prompted. Generally, trains in France … (2017-01-13)
  • Can I use the Eurail Poland Pass for Krakow-Prague night train? Or do I need a separate ticket from the border to Prague?

    I have a Eurail Poland Pass. Can I use it on Krakow(Poland)-Prague(Czech) Night Train? OR do I need to buy a separate Ticket from Poland border to Prague? (If yes, How?) Help! (2016-06-09)

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    • … border to Prague. Specifically, the ticket you'll need to go with your Eurail Poland Pass and the reservation is a ticket from the town of Zebrzydowice … to cover your ticket costs, you would just indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass'. By doing this, the correct reservations would be presented … (2016-06-13)
  • global pass vs point to point in germany and scandinavian counties

    … , Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. I have some flights and the night ferry between sweden and finland. I am trying to decide between the global pass and point to point tickets … (2012-04-15)

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    • … in each of those countries. You can view the countries covered by the Eurail Global Pass by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. For such extensive travel, I would recommend purchasing the rail … (2012-04-17)
  • How do you purchase a reservation for travel with 2 different rail passes that cover one trip? I'll be using a Eurail Select Pass (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, & Spain) & a France Day Tripper for a train from Paris to Munich.

    … bought the Eurail Select Pass with the four countries indicated AND a France day tripper as it was recommended to us this would be the best … to Munich. However, the reservation tool does not let us choose more than one pass so we are getting pretty expensive reservation rates for the Select … (2014-05-13)

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    • … through for the journey. Therefore, just for the purpose of purchasing your reservations and being quoted the correct reservation costs, you can just indicate that you'll be traveling with a Eurail Global Pass when you go to purchase your reservations for a direct train … (2014-05-14)
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