• Zurich to Lucerne, Lucerne to Mount Pilatus, Scenic route from Lucerne to Lugano, Lugano to Como, Como to Paris, and Paris to London

    We will travel from Zurich to Lucerne. While in Lucerne visit Mount Pilatus. Then would do the William Tell Express to Lugano. Luguano to Como (or Milan then Como). We will then go from Como to Paris and finally Paris to London. All within 15 days in... (2017-05-16)

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  • travel by Eurorail from Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris then to London and back to Amsterdam

    HI We are a family of 2 adults 2 kids( 9 , 12 ) will be landing to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Aug 1st . Is is advisable to buy tickets now or should we buy when we get there. We paln to go to Brussels (2 nights) then to Paris ( 3 nights) then to... (2013-07-16)

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  • I want to go from London to Caen, France, help please. thanks


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  • Help me ObieWan you are my only hope!

    How do I get from Amsterdam to Lens Lievin? I am travelling in early November. Can anyone help me? The rest of the trip is from Lens Lievin to London and then to Cardiff. I have been trying to get this done for 4 months and my university french is not... (2013-08-22)

    Tags: … tube, france, wales, united kingdom, uk, great britain, britain, england, point …

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  • How to get from one London station to another London station

    We will be traveling from Dover Priory to London Heathrow. Your site doesn't give an answer, so I have tried various ways. I have found Dover to Charing Cross or Victoria or St. Pancras, but can't find how to get to Heathrow. The Express only goes... (2013-08-29)

    Tags: … cross station, england, united kingdom, uk, great britain, britain, heathrow express

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  • Does Eurostar offer luggage service from Paris to the London Heathrow Airport?

    … booking which will allow you to check your luggage all the way through and avoid UK immigration" in Trip Advisor Forum, "Eurostar … (2014-02-10)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)LuggageHeathrow Express

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  • The best way to travel 8 Country's.

    I am traveling to London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Venice, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels and back to London this summer what will be my best Rail ticket to buy or is there a better way to travel to these locations? (2014-03-21)

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  • Can't book Paris to Edinburgh on July 14

    I keep getting the below response when I try to make a reservation from Paris to Edinburgh on July 14, 2014. I emailed RailEurope, but have not yet received a response and there is no telephone contact number other then for Groups. Can anyone tell me... (2014-04-30)

    Tags: … , edinburgh, france, scotland, united kingdom, uk, great britain, eurostar, london, london …

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  • Barcelona to London in one day!

    The system does not show schedules or prices for the journey Barcelona to London via Paris. I want to travel on Monday 11 August 2014. (2014-06-11)

    Tags: france spain high-speed, france-spain high speed, france-spain high speed train, france spain high-speed train, barcelona, london, spain, england, great britain, britain, uk, united kingdon, eurostar, point-to-point

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  • Sleeper compartment additional fare with a Brit Rail Pass. Reservations


    Tags: britrail pass, britain, england, great britain, scotland, uk, united kingdom, night trains, pass and reservations

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