• Provision of Reservation Fees Prior to Booking

    … research on train fares, I recentky bought two global passes for travel in France, Switzerland and from there to Prague … journey to the one I am planning and if we have to pay the same fee, it would be cheaper to cancel the pass. It must be possible to get the above information before booking otherwise an informed decision on the cost … (2016-06-30)

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    • … , and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a 'Eurail Global Pass'). You would then add the cumulative amount of your reservations … of train). On the Paris-Basel route, the Eurail Global Pass would only qualify you for a rate called the 'Passholder … ticket). On the Paris-Bern route, the Eurail Global Pass would qualify you for the regular 'Passholder 1 … (2016-07-01)
  • Website won't let me book train travel with my RailEurope pass

    … ?" pops up. When I click on this, a new box opens "Class of service (your rail pass)" and asks that I indicate 1st class or 2nd class … (2019-04-09)

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    • … hours. You can purchase the reservations by going to the ticket window in the station and mentioning that you have a BritRail Pass or the Eurail Global Pass. Of the specific trips you mentioned … (2019-04-10)
  • Reservation misprint?

    … my reservations, I had the "Eurail Select Pass" chosen as my pass type. I selected my four countries from the drop … in the mail, they're printed with the line "02PASS 1/GLOBAL PASS." Is this something to be concerned about? Have I received the wrong kind … (2014-10-03)

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    • Hi Kevin, Rest assured, that is not anything to be concerned about. A Eurail Global Pass covers all that a Eurail Select Pass would. Your reservations will be valid whether it says 'Eurail Select' or 'Eurail Global'. (2014-10-03)
  • No Confirmation and misspelled last name

    … confirmation for the purchase of my 2 Global 30 day passes. Capital One and myself have been trying since 0900 7/19/13 to confirm purchase and correct Last name … (2013-07-18)

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  • Suggestion for website improvement

    … (making reservations) using a 5 day Select Pass and a Brit Rail Pass I keep getting asked over and over to re-enter the countries I plan … (2013-03-06)

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    • … the information for 24 hours. You can enter a Eurail Global Pass for planning purposes when checking on reservations using the rail pass. Just make sure you keep in mind that your rail … (2013-03-11)
  • Payment not authorised?

    … book a Global Pass and when I went to pay I got this message: "The payment was not authorized. Note that your credit card has not been charged. Contact your credit card … (2016-10-14)

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  • Construction on rail line.

    global pass. I am looking to make a seat reservation from Rome to Brig. We are looking for the 9am - 2:45pm with a changeover in Milan. On your website … (2013-08-13)

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  • Small Group Saver Discount on 2nd Class Tickets

    Hi, I'm trying to book 2 Second Class Youth Eurail Global Passes (15 days over 2 months), but the Small Group Saver Discount is not being applied to the 2nd class tickets. To get the discount, does it have to be 1st class tickets? (2013-02-27)

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  • Seat reservation on Thalys from Amsterdam to Rotterdam

    … ticket." What does this message entail? Do i need to book a separate ticket for this train? (I am booking with a Eurail Global Pass (2013-04-26)

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  • The rail app doesn't work

    The app that works with wifi never lets you even search for trains. And the one that works without wifi.. Is it accurate? Cause I got on a computer and it said a train that I searched didn't exist so what am I supposed to do for trains that require... (2014-08-19)

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