• Does the Swiss Pass cover trains from Interlaken to Engelberg & Engelberg to Lucerne? How do we buy the Mt Titlis excursion?

    I am planning on taking the train from interlaken to engleberg and then from engelberg to Lucerne. Is this route covered by the swiss pass? (2013-07-05)

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    • Swiss Pass does cover connections from Interlaken to Engelberg and Engelberg to Lucerne. A connection from Interlaken … /mount-titlis/index.html . Since you'll be traveling with the Swiss Pass, you would purchase the '1 Day Round-Trip Journey From Engelberg - For Use Only With Swiss Pass' option of this pass. For planning purposes, you can check schedules … (2013-07-05)
    • what is the difference between swiss pass and swiss card (2014-05-25)
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  • Frankfurt to Paris with France-Swiss Pass

    … )on ICE1013+ICE9556. With a France-Swiss pass, can i just pay for Frankfurt-Saarbrucken and then use the pass for Saarbrucken-Paris? As these are 2 separate reservations, seems that i may need to change seat at Saarbrucken … (2013-07-25)

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    • … for your advice. By the way, i read something here about France-Swiss Pass vs France Pass & Swiss Pass but I'm still not clear about the benefit … transportation on 75 cities but it's not mentioned under France-Swiss pass. Can i say there are differences between the two, especially on the city public transport … (2013-07-26)
    • … France-Switzerland Pass and the individual country Swiss Pass. The Swiss Pass is unique from other passes … passes do not include city transit systems and bus service within a city. Another difference between these passes is that the Swiss Pass allows for entry to over 400 museums … (2013-07-26)
  • France Swiss Pass

    … time in France and Switzerland and fly out of Paris. If I buy a 3-day France pass and a 4-day Swiss pass, will my travel from France to Switzerland be covered. If I start in France and travel to Switzerland, is it treated as day out of my France pass or Swiss (2014-03-08)

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    • … Sameer, You can use a France Pass and a Swiss Pass to cover the ticket costs on a direct train between Paris … ), you would just indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail France-Switzerland Pass' when prompted, even though that is not actually the case. This is just so our website would know to quote … (2014-03-10)
    • … include all countries being traveled through to be valid. The ‘Passholder 3’ rate would now only be valid for travel with a Swiss Travel Pass … (2018-04-24)
  • Does the Swiss Pass cover the train from Paris to Basel, Switzerland? Or do I need the France-Switzerland Pass?

    Our entire trip is in Switzerland except for the first trip from Paris to Basel. I'm not sure if the Swiss pass will work for the Paris-Basel trip, or if I should get a France-Switzerland pass, or just pay for the Paris-Basel trip separately. (2014-06-02)

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    • … and Basel ('TGV Lyria' trains). If you'll be traveling with a Swiss Pass, you would still need to purchase a regular point-to-point … , www.raileurope.com. If you happen to purchase a Eurail France-Switzerland Pass instead, you would be eligible to receive a 'Passholder 2' rate … (2014-06-02)
    • … include all countries being traveled through to be valid. The 'Passholder 3' rate would now only be valid for travel with a Swiss Travel Pass … (2018-04-24)
  • Booking reservations on the William Tell Express for travel with a Swiss Pass

    … on the Wilhelm Tell Express, in early May, but I don't have the Swiss Pass yet. At this point, I can't get it in time by mail, so I'll have to buy the pass in Switzerland. Will it be too late to reserve … (2014-04-28)

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    • … don't accept reservations, so the rail pass is all you would need to board. If you'll be traveling with the Swiss Pass, you would purchase reservations for the part of the William … between Lucerne and Bellinzona by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. When you go to book … (2014-04-29)
    • … in 1st class. For passengers traveling with a rail pass, the ‘Gotthard Panorama Express’ trains do require … reservations. Therefore, any passenger traveling with a rail pass would only need to show the rail pass to board. Other notable changes with the new ‘Gotthard … Lucerne steamboat but do provide for a 50% discount (Swiss Travel Passes, on the other hand, are still valid to cover … (2017-04-14)
  • Will a Swiss Pass get me discount on a trip from Milan to Zermatt?

    … ) and will be traveling from Milan to Zermatt. Type of swiss pass ( 3 day/1 month ). My itinerary … 1-Oct zermatt interlaken ( Activate my swiss pass and tour in interlaken ) 2-Oct … Qns 1 :Since i going to buy a 3 days swiss pass, can i get discount for trip to travel from milan … (2014-06-03)

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    • … to Zermatt would involve changing trains once in Brig along the way. With a Swiss Pass, you would be eligible to receive a rate called … , to get an idea of the costs and view schedules when searching the route on our site. Your Swiss Pass is then all you would need to board a connecting train from Brig … (2014-06-03)
    • I follow your instruction to type in swiss pass, however i do not see any View button. (2014-06-05)
  • Can I use Swiss Pass for the Eurocity train from Zurich to Milan?

    Eurocity Train Zurich to Milan, can I use Swiss Pass to take Zurich to Chiasso, and buy a separate ticket to cover Chiasso-Milan? How to validate the Italian train ticket? (2014-06-09)

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    • … traveling with a Swiss Pass, you would purchase reservations on a EuroCity train from Zurich to Milan at a rate called … you are traveling with when prompted (you would just type 'Swiss Pass'). 2.) You would then locate a direct train from Zurich to Milan … (2014-06-09)
    • … tickets for the North American market, and our website is www.raileurope.com. We would not have any information about booking through other websites, although I do not believe you would be able to purchase the Swiss Pass or corresponding reservations on a train between Zurich … (2014-06-09)
  • I need to go from Zermatt to Locarno, but would my Swiss Pass cover the segment from Brig to Domodossola & then to Locarno even though it goes through Italy?

    When i researched this route, there are trains that actually goes from Brig to Domodossola (Italy) and then to Locarno. If it goes through Italy and I only have a swiss pass, am I still able to take this train without paying the full fare? (2014-12-15)

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    • … is an exception. As a result, any rail pass with Switzerland, including the Swiss Pass, is valid to cover the trains … for it (generally, you would be able to purchase reservations under 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage; however, these particular trains are not able to be reserved there at this time … (2014-12-15)
    • Update: The 'EuroCity' trains between Brig and Domodossola actually do not require reservations. Therefore, the Swiss Travel Pass is all that would be needed to board. (2015-06-08)
  • We'll be taking the Bernina Express from Lugano to Pontresina with a Swiss Pass but would like to stop in Menaggio. Can you make one reservation or do you have to make two separate reservations?

    … from Lugano to Pontresina on the Bernina Express train using a Swiss Pass. We would like to spend a few days in Menaggio during the course of this journey. Can you make just one reservation for this trip or do you have to make two separate reservations with the first from Lugano … (2012-07-17)

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    • … for the ferry from Menaggio to Varenna locally upon arrival. Since the Swiss Pass would not cover a rail connection in Italy … from St Moritz down to Tirano and then you can just get off the train in Pontresina again on your way back up to St. Moritz. The Swiss Pass actually covers the Palm Express … (2012-07-18)
  • Swiss Pass used to travel to Rome Italy?

    … purchasing swiss passes for 4 consecutive days of travel in Switzerland this summer. On the 4th day we need to get from Interlaken to Rome. What is the best way to make sure we can use our swiss pass for as much of the trip to Rome before we have to purchase tickets … (2013-06-02)

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    • … rate that was created to allow passengers in possession of a Swiss Pass to take direct trains between certain cities in Switzerland … , and then click 'Select' to proceed and add it to your shopping cart. The Swiss Pass would cover you entirely on trains from Interlaken … (2013-06-03)
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