• What is the best train route/pass (May 2019):Paris-Bayeux (3 nights). Bayeux-London (5 nights). London-Lourdes (3 nights). Lourdes-Paris.

    Please help...what is the best train route and pass to purchase in May 2019: Paris to Bayeux (3 nights in Bayeux). Bayeux to London (5 nights in London). London to Lourdes (3 nights). Lourdes to Paris. (2019-01-23)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)TGV Trains (France)SNCF Trains (France)

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  • Overnight train from London to Munich

    Would like to travel overnight from London to Munich in late June. Are there any trains available that accomplish this and how many transfers are required? Bob (2016-04-22)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)City Night Line Trains (Switzerland - Germany)

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  • London to Frankfurt to Munich. Which trains?

    I want to go to Germany, stop in Frankfurt and Munich on which train?? (2017-07-27)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)ICE Trains (Germany)

    Tags: … city express, intercity express, london, london to brussels, munich, uk, united kingdom

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  • how many times a day does train run from Paris to bayeux. would be leaving paris june 23rd returning 26

    we would be traveling from london that morning arriving in Paris. We hope to get on another train to bayeux. Our destination that day is at our B&B in Bayeux. (2018-02-11)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)SNCF Trains (France)

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  • Do westbound European trains to London all use the Chunnel tunnel?

    Do westbound to London European trains all use the Chunnel tunnel? (2015-09-06)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

    Tags: ashford, belgium, benelux, britain, brussels, brussels to london, calais, england, eurostar, france, great britain, lille, london, paris, paris to london, uk, united kingdom

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  • Leaving Dublin train (?) to ferry to Holyhead Wales to train to London HELP

    Need info on what time to take the ferry from Dublin into Holyhead wales to then catch the train into london. Can't find train times from Holyhead and don't know what time to leave Dublin. (2016-05-11)

    Products: British Trains

    Tags: britain, dublin, dublin to holyhead, england, great britain, holyhead, holyhead to london, ireland, irish ferries, london, stena line, uk, united kingdom, virgin trains, wales, boat, ferries

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  • Cheapest way to go by train from Holyhead, up to 14 days in England, and then to Paris

    What is the best way to pre purchase a rail pass to use from Holyhead for up to 14 days in england? I'm a senior and my wife also a senior will be travelling with me. We want then to go under and over to Paris (2019-03-11)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)British TrainsBritRail Pass

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    • … is also usually going to be less crowded and quieter than 2nd class. For trains in the UK, reservations are only able to be purchased locally and are only recommended … window in the station and mentioning that you have the BritRail Pass. For trains in the UK under 2.5 hours in duration … (2019-03-11)
  • Travel around the UK when in London for 15 days. Want to go to Paris, Exeter, Oxford, Dover, possibly other cities.

    What is the least expensive way for a family of 3 to purchase tickets. In London for 15 days going to Paris for one day overnight. Want to visit Exeter, Oxford, Dover, possibly other UK cities. (2014-06-11)

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    • … Passes, any Eurail Pass that includes France is now valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Paris and the UK, while any Eurail Pass that includes the Benelux is valid to cover Eurostar trains running between Brussels and the UK. As a supplement to the Eurail Pass … (2017-04-25)
  • How do I get from the Edinburgh Airport to the train station?

    How do I get from the airport in Edinburgh to the train station? Once there, do I just hop on the next train or do I have to get tickets confirmed or have reservations? (2017-04-25)

    Tags: airlink bus, edinburgh, edinburgh haymarket, edinburgh haymarket station, edinburgh waverley, edinburgh waverley station, haymarket station, scotland, uk, united kingdom, waverley, waverley station, bus

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    • … tickets by doing a search for a route under 'Find Train Tickets' on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. Generally, trains in the UK can be booked once within 90 days of an intended … (2017-04-25)
  • Pet cat on train MOW-NIC

    … . But what about the departure? I plan to spend a week in Nice and then take a return train to Moscow, but the Pet Entry Certificate will be no longer … (2012-04-30)

    Tags: moscow, nice, russia, france, cat, pet, entry certificate, train

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