• Question on Swiss flexi pass

    … purchasing a 4 day Swiss flexi pass. I plan on using these over a course of 6 days. Will I still get discounts on bus travel and short distance … (2013-04-25)

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    • … . For the discount on your trek to Jungfraujoch, you would purchase the 'Jungfraujoch Top of Europe' pass for Swiss Pass holders. You would purchase … .com/activities/jungfraujoch/index.html . Since you would be traveling with a Swiss Pass, you would purchase the 'Grindelwald or Wengen-Jungfraujoch … (2013-04-25)
    • swiss pass for 4 days and activate it on a Monday, I have to use the remaining 3 days consecutively on Tues, Wed and Th? If I want to skip a day in between and use it on Friday or Saturday instead, I need to get a Swiss flexi pass … (2013-04-26)
  • Family Pass-3 nights in switzerland and then travel to paris

    by purchasing a family swiss pass can I get onto any of the travel modes in Switzerland and can I also take the train on the final day to paris from Interlaken? (2015-06-03)

    Products: Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Swiss Travel Pass

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    • … , boats, and public transportation, as well as your trains). The Swiss Travel Pass also allows for entry to over 480 museums … would involve changing trains once in Basel along the way. However, the Swiss Travel Pass is not valid to cover the trains from Basel … (2015-06-08)
  • Which is best pass flying into/out of Milan but spending 5 nights in Switzerland?

    … , is it best to buy the 2 country Eurail pass? Does this give me the same benefits for all the busses, boats, trains in Switzerland as the Swiss Pass would, in addition to allowing me to take a train to and from Milan … (2017-01-30)

    Products: Eurail Select PassSwiss Travel Pass

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    • … instead of a Eurail Select Pass. With the Swiss Travel Pass, the reservation costs for your trains between Milan and Switzerland … not valid in Italy), but you would be able to receive the bonuses. With a Swiss Travel Pass, you would be able to receive a rate called the 'Passholder … (2017-01-30)
  • Buying the Swiss Saver Flexi Pass online

    Swiss Saver Flexi Pass on this website. When I click to buy that (a 5-day Flexi Pass for 2 people for $337 USD), I am directed only to the full Swill Pass at a much higher price ($680 USD). Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong or where the website is to buy this pass (2013-06-25)

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    • … price for both passengers. For the 5 day Swiss Flexi Pass it should also say the following to the left of the price quote … Month To be quoted the 5 day Swiss Flexi Pass, you would just choose '5 Days' from the drop … will you be traveling?". If you are still not being quoted for the 5 day Swiss Flexi Pass, then please call us at 1-800-622 … (2013-06-25)
    • … giving me only the Swiss Pass for $680, not the Saver Pass, which should be much cheaper. The price options on this page show that a 5 … . I hope that is not the correct price for one Saver pass for 2 people for 5 days. If so, that's really outrageous. http://www.myswitzerland.com/en/swiss-flexi … (2013-06-25)
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  • Can we validate our Swiss 2-for-1 Pass in Italy before we go from Florence to Geneva?

    My sister and I need to travel from Florence to Geneva. Can we activate our 2 for 1 Swiss Rail pass in Italy if the destination is in Switzerland? (2012-04-10)

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    • … under 'Check Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website. With the Swiss Pass, you would be able to purchase your tickets on the train from Milan … cost, even though the train would be starting in Italy, which is not covered by a Swiss Pass. To ensure you are purchasing the tickets at a Passholder … (2012-04-11)
  • How does the Swiss Travel E-Pass work? Do I have to have cell phone reception to pull it up?

    How do I use an E-Pass version of the Swiss Pass? Do I have to have cell phone reception to pull it up, or a tablet to display an E-Pass? (2015-07-06)

    Products: Swiss Travel Pass

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    • … stations, so you would have to be sure to print it out before your trip. You would purchase the 'Swiss Travel Pass' (including the electronic versions) here: http://www.raileurope … ) for the electronic version of the 'Swiss Travel Pass' (the 'Swiss Travel E-Pass') would have to be within 2 months from the date … (2015-07-08)
  • Discrepancy on website with free child age for Swiss Family Card

    I have a 12 and 15 year old traveling with me and wife and can't tell if the swiss family card is for under 15 or under 16? One part asks for under 15 and under 25 but then the check box says 'under 16' (2012-03-26)

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    • PS Having read about the Swiss pass just now I realize the question is moot! So what would you recommend we do as far as securing seats through EuroRail, using both forms of travel, the train and bus? And thanks so much for any help you can provide. (2018-03-24)
    • … (under 15)' when you go to purchase this pass. Please disregard that and proceed with your order, as your 15 year old is eligible to receive the Swiss Family Card to travel for free. It should read … (2012-03-27)
  • Does the Swiss Travel Pass include trams in Zurich?

    does the Swiss Pass include trams in Zurich? (2015-07-01)

    Products: Swiss Travel Pass

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    • … Steve. Yes, the Swiss Travel Pass actually does cover trams in Zurich and other Swiss cities. Generally, rail passes do not cover … transit within cities, so the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is unique in this way. The 'Swiss Travel Pass' would be purchased here: http://www.raileurope … (2015-07-02)
  • Question on Swiss saver pass for a group of 6 people

    Hi, I wanted to check on the saver pass for a group of 6 people , I came across that 2 saver pass can be used for 3 people. Does that mean we only need to buy 4 saver pass for 6 of us? Thanks for enlightening . (2013-09-28)

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    • … together at all times. With that same logic, you could purchase 2 Saver Passes with 3 passengers on each, as long as those passengers will be traveling together at all times. You can purchase the Swiss Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes … (2013-09-30)
  • How does Flexi-Pass work for Swiss Rail Pass? Seniors for several days of travel within a two week period

    We are planning to visit Switzerland From September 17 to October 4, 2014. WE are two seniors [65+] We would like to know how the Flexi-Pass works. Where can we find the operational details. Thank you very much. Russy (2014-06-11)

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    • … for a set number of travel days, which must be completed within a longer time frame (1 month in the case of the Swiss Pass). 'Travel days' on a flexipass refer … to Interlaken on the same day, you would only use up one day of travel on your rail pass. In contrast, if you were to take that connecting train to Interlaken on the next day … (2014-06-12)
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