• The best way to travel 8 Country's.

    I am traveling to London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Venice, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels and back to London this summer what will be my best Rail ticket to buy or is there a better way to travel to these locations? (2014-03-21)

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  • Can't book Paris to Edinburgh on July 14

    I keep getting the below response when I try to make a reservation from Paris to Edinburgh on July 14, 2014. I emailed RailEurope, but have not yet received a response and there is no telephone contact number other then for Groups. Can anyone tell me... (2014-04-30)

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  • Barcelona to London in one day!

    The system does not show schedules or prices for the journey Barcelona to London via Paris. I want to travel on Monday 11 August 2014. (2014-06-11)

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  • Sleeper compartment additional fare with a Brit Rail Pass. Reservations


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  • The best no holds barred ticket - 2 months unlimited to Italy, France, Spain, and England ??

    I will be in Europe for approx. 2 months. I want a first class ticket that would allow me to go to Italy, France, Spain and England unlimited. I just want to make a reservation and get on and off as many times as I feel. (2016-08-30)

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  • Can I buy a rail pass in Europe that allows me to travel the chunnel, France and Italy? Or is it cheaper to buy tickets as I go??


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  • Britrail consecutive day pass valid on the Heathrow Express?

    Hi,I read some previous postings but didn't see one exactly answering my question. I'm coming from the US and am going to have a Britrail pass valid for 8 consecutive days. I also plan to use the Heathrow Express twice, when I arrive and depart. In what... (2017-02-10)

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  • Can I use Heathrow Express several times in a day with Consecutive Britrail Pass?

    Hello!If I buy the Britrail Pass (consecutive pass) can I use the Heatway Express several times in one day? Or is there any restriction?Example:If I stay in a hotel near Heathrow Airport and use the Britrail to go to Paddington Station, visit other... (2019-02-27)

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  • From The end of the world to Budapest-Vienna-Prague-Berlin which tickets should I get?

    … for them and the other route through train. Eventually, I don't know which tickets should I get for: Berlin-prague-vienna-budapest . (the last time I got a pass UK+ireland I got half pass unused and lost a lot of money!!!!). I'm in a very tiny budget so I'd love to get night trains (2015-06-09)

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  • Elevators, Escalators & Porters at stations? Station Facilities

    4 Seniors planning to travel around Uk. Are there escalators, or elevators available in stations. Also are their porters who can assist with luggage if needed (2015-03-02)

    Products: British TrainsAt the Train Station

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