• Budapest International Rail departures

    Do you know if the International Rail service has been restored from Budapest Keleti Station? If not, do you know about the other Budapest Stations? Thanks for any help you can offer. Tanya, AAA Travel (2015-09-09)

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  • We are currently unable to complete the booking for one or more products in your shopping cart.

    … following message... Can someone here help me please? I need to confirm the train ticket then book my hotel rooms... What … one of our Travel Consultants will get back to you within 2 business days by phone or email. At that time, you will be asked to provide … (2012-03-04)

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  • Wrong Dates on tickets

    … them with all the rest of our traveling document. BIG MISTAKE, the night we were supposed to board the train, we found out that the our tickets were outdated by 2 days!!! We had to buy new tickets!!! Not double … (2013-07-29)

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  • Booking made, not confirmation e-mail received!

    … booking for a train ride to travel from Milan to Rome on April 1st. It has been 11 days since I paid for the booking, but so for I have not received my confirmation email … (2014-03-16)

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  • Live Chat not available during specified hours

    … a departing train from Germany, but Rail Europe is saying I cannot book if I am already in Europe. I have no phone service … the phone number, I have waited 2 days for a LiveChat, but I have checked 3 times & still no one is available for me. Please do … (2015-06-01)

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  • Print at home ticket

    … email with the link to print my ticket would take 1-2 business days to arrive. Why such a long time? By that time, I will already need the ticket in hand--my train leaves in 36 hours … (2015-07-09)

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  • Unable to refund my ticket online

    … a ticket which is advertised as 90% refundable up to 3 days before train departure date. I now need to cancel this ticket and get the advertised 90% back but the website says I am unable to do it online. I've tried contacting … (2016-07-17)

  • i could not get confirmation email

    … booked high speed train ticket for few days ago of course i paid by credit card for it was successful booking so i got reference seat number … (2016-08-20)

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  • Reservation confirm

    … Risako. I booked 3 trains ticket(Rome-Venice, Venice-Naples, Naples-Bali) on Sunday, 3 days ago. I paid (actually my friend who will go this trip, he paid) and he checked … (2016-09-07)

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  • Phone wait

    … Rail Europe customer service,' I have a European train trip on hold and have called to book the trip today, the last day of the hold. I have been on hold now for 2 hours and 20 … (2017-05-31)

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