• I have a Eurail France-Spain Pass & a Eurail Italy pass & am in need of a reservation from Montpellier to Pisa. Also, can my pass be used to take the ferry from Civitaveccia to Barcelona?

    … on September 8, 2015. Also, can my Rail Europe Pass be used to take the Ferry from Citavecchia, Italy to Barcelona, Spain … -32993026-R8W8. I have a Rail Europe Regional pass for France and Spain and one for Italy. Thank you for any advice and information … (2015-08-26)

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    • … 'France-Italy TGV' train. You would then use your 'Eurail Italy Pass' to be covered on the train from Milan to Pisa … cover this train, such as a 'Eurail Global Pass' or a 'Eurail France-Italy Pass'. Even though neither of these are the passes you'll actually … (2015-08-26)
  • Making reservations with a Eurail France Pass

    hi l want to buy a four day france pass and make reservation for TGV train marseille to paris ad return. yet this pass is not listed in the list of passes by the section that reads (2017-01-25)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Trains (France)Eurail France PassEurail PassesBooking Online

    Tags: eurail france pass, france, marseille, marseille to paris, paris, paris to marseille, pass and reservations, tgv

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    • … is added, you can indicate that you'll be traveling with the Eurail Global Pass just in order to get a price and purchase any reservations for trains in France. You would refer … , enter the route, and then indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' when prompted. Generally, trains in France … (2017-01-25)
  • Sargans to Innsbruck with Swiss Travel Pass & a Eurail Austria Pass?

    … and 5 days in Austria. I would like to buy a 15-day Swiss Pass and a 5-day Austria Pass. Could these 2 pass include my trip from Sargans to Innsbruck? Or should I buy the single ticket separately … (2015-01-24)

    Tags: sargans to innsbruck, railjet, eurocity, switzerland, austria, swiss travel pass, eurail austria pass, sargans, innsbruck, pass and reservations

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    • … would cover the segment in Switzerland until you get to the border, and the Eurail Austria Pass would cover the segment in Austria beyond that. Trains … , you would indicate that you'll be traveling with a Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass or a Eurail Global Pass. Trains from Sargans … (2015-01-26)
  • How can I book a night train reservation from Attnang-Puchheim (Austria) to Zurich with Eurail Select Pass for Austria & Germany and a Swiss Half Fare Card?

    … -Puchheim, Austria to Zurich, Switzerland in May. We have the Eurail 2 Country Pass for Austria & Germany and we also have the Swiss … , but I'm not sure how to best do that. I tried to reserve through Eurail, but, after contacting customer service, I was told I can't reserve through their website because I only have a pass for one of the countries for that trip … (2016-03-25)

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    Tags: eurail select pass, swiss half fare card, switzerland, attnang-puchheim, attnang-puchheim to zurich, austria, zurich, swiss half-price tickets, half-price tickets, attnang puchheim, attnang puchheim to zurich, pass and reservations

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    • … that does cover the full route (i.e. a 'Eurail Global Pass'); however, the night train from Attnang-Puchheim … to the Austrian/Swiss border, you would show the conductor your Eurail Select Pass that includes Austria. To be covered from the Austrian … (2016-03-29)
  • Free Day offer with Eurail Global/Select Passes. Do the free days have to be used on consecutive days?

    At present, both Europe and UK have "Free Day" offers. Must these be taken consecutively before/after the days purchased, or can they be used at any time within the initial validity period of the purchased Pass? (2014-08-02)

    Tags: free day promotion, free day bonus, eurail pass: free day bonus!, eurail select pass, eurail global pass

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    • … Paul, With the Eurail Global Pass, the 'free day' promotion can be applied to either the 15 day 'flexi … -free-days-promo.html. For the Eurail Global Pass option, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail … -passes/eurail-global-pass-free-days-promotion/index.html. For the Eurail Select … (2014-08-04)
  • If the Eurail Select Pass is valid for 10 days, does that mean 10 separate trips or 240 hours of travel? Does the pass include ferries or just trains?

    If the select pass is valid for ten days does that mean ten separate trips, or a total of 240 hours of travel? Also does that include ferries or just trains? (2014-05-27)

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    Tags: flexipass, flexi pass, travel days, rail days, travel bonuses, bonuses, ferries, eurail select pass

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    • Hi I'd like to know if I go from Ancona to Patras by Ferry and I am an Eurail Global Pass holder, the departure time is 13.30 pm and will arrive at Patras on the next day at 12 pm. Will it be count as two days or just 1 day? Thanks (2017-02-18)
  • If you have a Global Pass & want to remain as flexible as possible, what is the very latest you can make a reservation?

    If you have a global pass, and want to remain as flexible as possible, what is the very latest you can make a reservation prior to the day you hope to depart (e.g. same day, day before, two days before, etc) (2015-08-06)

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    Tags: pass and reservations

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    • … Reservations' on our homepage (www.raileurope.com), entering the route, and indicating the type of rail pass you'll be traveling with (i.e. a 'Eurail Global … (2015-08-10)
  • Incorrect Name on Eurail Global Pass

    global passes from rail europe. We had 2 mistakes in teh tickets that are on the way (being shipped to the US alread) 1) Wife … (2015-03-31)

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  • Travel from London to Paris with a Eurail France Pass. Trip from London to Bordeaux, Bordeaux to Nice, Nice to Paris, and Paris to London

    … . Working with the itinerary scheduler on your site it seems I can buy a 4 day pass and do this with a bit higher reservation fee coming to and from London … one ticket for London to Paris (Bordeaux goes through Paris) and then a 3 day pass for my trips in France … (2017-06-08)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)TGV Trains (France)Eurail France PassRail Pass & Reservations

    Tags: bordeaux, bordeaux to nice, eurail france pass, eurostar, intercité, intercités, london, london to bordeaux, london to paris, nice, nice to paris, paris, paris to bordeaux, tgv, britain, england, france, french riviera, great britain, uk, united kingdom

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    • … 1, 2019 Eurail has streamlined their product offering to only single country and Global Passes. With this change … passholder discounts for holders on Global Passes, no longer for the single country pass holders. You can book passholder seats in France of course … (2019-01-21)
  • Global pass train reservations for Rome-La Spezia-Milan-Zurich-Heidelberg-Stuttgart-Munich-Vienna-Prague

    … to Heidelberg to Stuttgart to Munich to Vienna and to Prague over the course of 2 weeks. We have the 15 day global pass and were under the impression that we just show up to the train station and board … (2012-04-19)

    Tags: eurail global pass, rome, la spezia, milan, zurich, heidelberg, stuttgart, munich, vienna, prague, pass and reservations, italy, switzerland, germany, austria, czech republic

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