• I would like to take one way train from Paris to Venice. What are the options for this? Is there a TGV for at least part of the journey?


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    • … known as 'Le Frecce' (or still sometimes referred to by it's former name, 'Eurostar Italia'). Otherwise, there is a direct overnight train between Paris … (2013-06-19)
  • How would you travel between Dublin & Paris?

    I need to get 4 people from Dublin to Paris, then two people back to Dublin. What's the best combination of ferry/rail? (2012-03-30)

    Tags: dublin, paris, britrail irish sea crossing, holyhead, london, london euston, london st pancras, london euston station, london st pancras station, euston station, st pancras station, tube, eurostar, roundtrip, round trip

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    • … in Wales. From Holyhead, you would take a train down to London, where you would switch to the Eurostar train to Paris. You would just do the same in the reverse for the return. Trains … to 75 days of an intended date of departure. The Eurostar between London and Paris can be booked at any point within 90 … (2012-03-30)
    • The best discounted rates on the Eurostar can sell out very quickly, so we would just recommend booking the tickets as soon as possible. (2012-03-30)
  • London to Chamonix with a bike

    Hi I'm trying to travel from London to Chamonix with a bike, preferably unboxed around May to September in 2014. What services would I be allowed to do this on? Regards, Stuart (2014-03-05)

    Tags: … assembled bike, fully assembled bicycle, eurostar, london, paris, tgv, annecy, bellegarde …

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    • … to Paris and then another search for the part of the connection from Paris to Chamonix. The Eurostar (the trains from London to Paris) is unique in that it can be booked … to fall outside of the 90 day booking window. The Eurostar from London to Paris is also unique in that it does checked … (2014-03-05)
  • How does one get from Ramstein AFB to London by train?

    We will be flying into Ramstein AFB, but our destination is really England. Is there a train station near the AFB? How do we get tickets from there all the way to London? (2013-03-18)

    Tags: ramstein, ramstein afb, kaiserslautern, london, paris, paris est, paris nord, metro, paris metro, germany, united kingdom, england, britain, point to point, ramstein air force base, tgv est, eurostar

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    • … , while the trains from Paris to London (high-speed 'Eurostar' trains) depart from the Nord station in Paris … of departure; however, the train from Paris to London, known as the Eurostar, can generally be booked 6 to 9 months … (2013-06-17)
  • I need to see London and Paris my plane and hotel is in Derby

    i will be in derby uk in october and i would like to see london and pairs while i am there how do i go about doing this on the train, i will need to get back to derby to leave to come back to new york (2012-05-10)

    Tags: derby, london, paris, roundtrip, round trip, united kingdom, england, great britain, france, eurostar, point to point

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    • … Fares and Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar train between London and Paris is a train that offers … or 90 days of an intended date of departure, the Eurostar (the train between London and Paris) is an exception and can generally … (2012-05-11)
  • Pet Friendly trains between Europe and UK?...

    are there any trains which allow small pets (a cat) to travel with the ticketed passenger between Paris, France and London UK? Or between Brussels, Belgium and London UK?... (2013-06-30)

    Tags: eurostar, pets, cat, london, paris, brussels, bruxelles, england, france, belgium, benelux, dog, uk, united kingdom, britain

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    • Hi Lauren, I'm sorry; however, the Eurostar actually does not allow pets (including cats) on board. The Eurostar is the train that connects London with Paris and Brussels. (2013-07-01)
  • How do you get from Scotland to Heidelberg, Germany with a Eurail Global Pass?

    My 22 year old daughter will be in Scotland June 20 and wants to get to Germany, Heidelburg area. What is her best travel means? She is planning on having a eurorail global pass. (2014-06-09)

    Tags: scotland, germany, edinburgh, glasgow, heidelberg, eurostar, intercity express, inter city express, ice, intercity, inter city, ic

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    • … would be eligible to receive a 'Passholder' fare for a ticket on the 'Eurostar' train from London to Brussels. You would purchase tickets at the Passholder rate on the Eurostar by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website, just as you would to purchase … (2014-06-09)
  • Best rail pass/ticket options for travel in Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the UK

    … (Youth) and Eurail Poland Pass, plus take advantage of the Eurostar deals on the website? Is there any other traveling expenses I should be worrying … (2013-05-21)

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    • … Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar train (which connects London with either Paris or Brussels … . Due to high demand, the Passholder rates on the Eurostar can sell out quickly, so I would recommend that these tickets be purchased … (2013-05-21)
  • Can't book Paris to Edinburgh on July 14

    I keep getting the below response when I try to make a reservation from Paris to Edinburgh on July 14, 2014. I emailed RailEurope, but have not yet received a response and there is no telephone contact number other then for Groups. Can anyone tell me... (2014-04-30)

    Tags: … , united kingdom, uk, great britain, eurostar, london, london st. pancras station, london …

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    • … for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Paris to London ('Eurostar' trains) and then another search for connecting trains from London … (2014-04-30)
  • Multi-destination by train and Chunnel

    4 of us are traveling from London to Paris on 9/22-9/24 and would like to travel by train one way and the Chunnel the other way. We would also like to travel to versailles from paris on 9/22. We would also like to reserve a hotel with the train tickets.... (2013-06-12)

    Tags: london, paris, eurostar, versailles, versailles-rive-gauche-ch√Ęteau, rer, metro, paris visite, hotels

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    • … regular point-to-point tickets for your roundtrip on the Eurostar train between London and Paris. You would purchase these tickets … Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. The Eurostar is unique from other trains in that it can generally be booked 6 … (2013-06-12)
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