• Urgent: I did not receive the tickets in my e-mail and I have the payment in mi card.

    Please, I need help because I bought tickets to Florence but I did not receive the confirmation in my e-mail and in the page. I can see the payment in my card. I need to know if I bought the tickets. The situation is urgent. The tickets are for... (2013-08-12)

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  • no down blankets and peaceful sleep from Munich to Amsterdam

    We purchased 4 CNL nightline from Munich to Amsterdam tickets from you for 5/11/14. When we showed up at the trainstation in Munich at the proper time we were told there was no 1. class wagon available and had to take the 2.nd class 6-bed cabin that... (2014-06-21)

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  • Accidentally bought wrong tickets

    Accidentally bought wrong tickets - Received NO help from Rail Europe. When I explained my problem, I got this completely unhelpful response: "We would like to inform you that unfortunately the tickets are Non refundable, non exchangeable. Hence no... (2015-06-17)

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  • How do I find the chat???

    I have a problem with my reservation. My husband and I are traveling together and the site didn't give me a place to select my seat and they booked our trip to Paris from London on two separate cars! How do I fix this? (2017-06-26)

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  • Frustrating and Costly Experience with Inflexible Rail Europe

    … to London. So we purchased a return Rail Europe train ticket from Heathrow airport to Edinburgh, Scotland … to see whether we could alter the date/destination of the return portion of the train ticket, or maybe even refund it. I was told that it was non-refundable and only exchangeable for the different … (2018-05-29)

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  • Edit my tickets date

    Hi, I bought my tickets from http://www.raileurope-gcc.com I need to edit the dates, how can I do that because the website doesn't have a link or guide for that Thank you Maha (2018-07-14)

    Products: TicketTGV Trains (France)SNCF Trains (France)

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  • deeply disappointing expreience

    Horrible customer service. Cancelled a trip because of a family emergency. One ticket should have been refunded but none were. No help from customer service. One of the worst travel experiences I have had and I travel a lot. (2018-08-04)

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  • Confirmation Code Problem

    … tickets from Brussels to Amsterdam for April 8th at train 9205. It's supposed I will receive tickets by mail … (2012-01-31)

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  • Are My Travel Plans confirmed?

    … you to propose alternate options." I have many other bookings dependent on these trains and cannot afford to rearrange my entire travel schedule to accommodate … (2012-04-22)

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  • Need password for my online account

    … Valle (Chessy, France) to Oxford, England. The train leaves today at 6pm, and we will leave Bordeaux … (2013-01-07)

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