• Budapest International Rail departures

    Do you know if the International Rail service has been restored from Budapest Keleti Station? If not, do you know about the other Budapest Stations? Thanks for any help you can offer. Tanya, AAA Travel (2015-09-09)

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  • Unable to refund my ticket online

    … a ticket which is advertised as 90% refundable up to 3 days before train departure date. I now need to cancel this ticket and get the advertised 90% back but the website says I am unable to do it online. I've tried contacting … (2016-07-17)

  • i could not get confirmation email

    … booked high speed train ticket for few days ago of course i paid by credit card for it was successful booking so i got reference seat number … (2016-08-20)

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  • Reservation confirm

    … Risako. I booked 3 trains ticket(Rome-Venice, Venice-Naples, Naples-Bali) on Sunday, 3 days ago. I paid (actually my friend who will go this trip, he paid) and he checked … (2016-09-07)

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  • Phone wait

    … Rail Europe customer service,' I have a European train trip on hold and have called to book the trip today, the last day of the hold. I have been on hold now for 2 hours and 20 … (2017-05-31)

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  • Fake "First Class" from Munich to Prague.

    … for 4 people on First Class going from Munich to Prague on May 1. When we got to the train, we were told that it was open seating -- first come first serve anywhere. About halfway through the trip we had to offload … to the Soviet Union -- bleak and no one interested in helping. Finally got the train to Prague. It was packed and we wound up sitting on our luggage … (2019-05-11)

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  • Ticket reservations shipping and handling, how to bundle multiple into one shipping.

    I need to order several reservations on my Eurail Three country scandanavia pass but don't see how to order all reservations together and get one shipping and handling fee. Otherwise it will be $18.00 for each reservation. I do not have the option to... (2013-06-20)

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  • Urgent: I did not receive the tickets in my e-mail and I have the payment in mi card.

    Please, I need help because I bought tickets to Florence but I did not receive the confirmation in my e-mail and in the page. I can see the payment in my card. I need to know if I bought the tickets. The situation is urgent. The tickets are for... (2013-08-12)

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  • no down blankets and peaceful sleep from Munich to Amsterdam

    We purchased 4 CNL nightline from Munich to Amsterdam tickets from you for 5/11/14. When we showed up at the trainstation in Munich at the proper time we were told there was no 1. class wagon available and had to take the 2.nd class 6-bed cabin that... (2014-06-21)

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  • Accidentally bought wrong tickets

    Accidentally bought wrong tickets - Received NO help from Rail Europe. When I explained my problem, I got this completely unhelpful response: "We would like to inform you that unfortunately the tickets are Non refundable, non exchangeable. Hence no... (2015-06-17)

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