• How to book reservations from Zurich to Florence for travel with a Eurail Select Pass?

    … , Civitavecchia. Looking at buying a 4 country select pass. However, in looking at reservations, the leg between Zurich and Florence seems not to be showing a reservation, but requires you to buy a ticket with a message that says the pass is not compatible with the trains, Trenitalia. Have tried different dates and all the same. I'm not sure if this would eliminate … (2014-08-02)

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  • Global Pass + Reservation

    … from amsterdam to cologne however whatever dates I look at it says "tickets found but no reservations found for this pass" now I thought perhaps reservations were just sold out for that date (June … (2014-04-27)

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  • Can you ever book 1st class reservations when traveling with a 2nd class rail pass?

    … travel (comfort) for my travels from Paris to Frankfurt, also going from Frankfurt to Venice because it comes with sleeping arrangements, however, my Eurail Global Pass is Youth. I am not sure if I am restricted to only making 2nd class … (2012-03-23)

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    • … , If you're traveling with a Eurail Global Pass booked at the youth rate, since the youth rate for this pass is only offered in 2nd class … that would ordinarily be considered 1st class. For travel with a pass, a reservation itself would be purchased by clicking on 'Book your Rail … (2012-03-23)
    • Update: As of this year (2015), the Eurail Global Pass is offered in 1st class to youth travelers. (2015-01-27)
  • Global Eurail Pass Germany-Poland

    If I take a train from Munich, Germany to Warsaw, Poland will my Eurail Global Pass cover that? I understand that within Poland the pass can not be used. However, will getting into Poland be a problem? (2013-07-19)

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    Tags: eurail global pass, berlin, warsaw, berlin-warsaw express, germany, poland, warszawa, vienna, wien, munich, münchen, muenchen, intercity-express, ice

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    • … would involve changing trains once in Berlin along the way; however, a Eurail Global Pass actually would not cover the train from Berlin … days of an intended date of departure. The Eurail Global Pass would just cover your train from Munich to Berlin … (2013-07-22)
    • … Reservations' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. Since the Eurail Global Pass by itself does not cover the entire route of the night … the night train from Vienna to Warsaw, you would then just show your Eurail Global Pass, your tickets from Zebrzydowice to Warsaw, and your reservations … (2013-07-22)
  • Why are there additional fees for every train connection I want to make even though I have a rail pass??

    … to point ticketing. we are planning to hit France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland in our journey. I was under the understanding that the Eurail Global Pass covered ALL travel on trains, aside from trains … (2019-04-17)

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    Tags: eurail global pass, france, lyon, paris, paris to lyon

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    • … ’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). Generally, reservable trains … /route. For trains that do not accept reservations, there is nothing you need to book, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. On such trains, you would just hop … (2019-04-17)
    • … for the regional trains, which will be labeled as ‘TER’ trains. Once again, the regional TER trains do not take reservations, so the Eurail Global Pass would be all you’d need to board. On TGV trains within France … (2019-04-17)
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  • Eurailpass or Swiss Rail Pass?

    … . I think Interlaken was the turning point, and that I didn't need a Swiss Rail pass for that. It was beautiful. Are there other loops I can take, based in Lucerne, using just the Eurail Global (2017-07-26)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassGoldenPassSwiss Travel PassGotthard Panorama Express

    Tags: eurail global pass, flüelen to bellinzona, flüelen to lugano, golden pass, goldenpass, gotthard, gotthard panorama express …

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    • … instead. As it happens, any rail pass that includes Switzerland, whether it bea 'Eurail Select Pass' that includes Switzerland , a Eurail Global Pass, or the single country 'Swiss Travel Pass', is valid to cover the full length … (2017-07-27)
  • When is a Pass not a Pass?

    I have a Eurail Global Pass and want to reserve seats on a train from Rome to Milan but note that there is a charge for this. I thought buying a Global Pass was for this purpose? (2019-03-28)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassFrecciarossa Trains (Italy)

    Tags: eurail global pass, freccia rossa, frecciarossa, italy, milan, rome, rome to milan

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    • … .com), checking the box that says ‘I have a rail pass’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). Generally, trains in Italy … (2019-03-28)
  • Eurail Pass reservations and Swiss trains

    … plan to buy a Eurail Global Pass and looked on the Eurail website for the trip from Zurich to Innsbruck and they say the reservation is recommended but on your site it says they are required? Second question: Will I get any discounts … (2013-04-18)

    Products: Eurail Global Pass

    Tags: schilthornpiz gloria, mt schilthorn, mount schilthorn, bond, jungfraujoch, jungfraujoch top of europe, eurail global pass, rail jet, zurich, innsbruck, pass and reservations, error on website, website error

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    • … /Piz Gloria' mountaintop excursion. A Eurail Global Pass would cover as far as Mürren. Therefore, to be covered from Mürren … .com/activities/jungfraujoch/index.html . Since you would be traveling with a Eurail Global Pass, you would purchase the 'Interlaken-Jungfraujoch … (2013-04-18)
  • Do Suburban train in Paris covers by Eurail Pass?

    Do Suburban train in Paris covers by Eurail Pass? because I want to go from Paris Nord to Versailles Palace on my coming visit to paris using eurail global pass? (2017-12-17)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurail Passes

    Tags: eurail global pass, paris, paris rer, rer, versailles, metro, paris metro, versailles-rive-gauche-château

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    • … for trains running ‘inter-city’ between different cities within the country or countries included on the pass. The Eurail Global Pass does not cover the Métro and RER trains in Paris, for instance. To get from Paris to Versailles … (2017-12-18)
  • Deciphering the reservation/ supplemental charges for trains on a global pass

    … buy a global pass and look up a train on a site such as sub.ch and you find a ticket that has a leg of the journey requiring an reservation but it says that the fee is included … (2012-04-16)

    Tags: pass and reservations, reservations

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    • EuRail global saver pass want to know how much extra i need to pay on the high speed train route like Colonge to Paris … originally titled Query Regarding extra fare on High speed route with EuRail global pass … (2013-04-16)
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