• How do I find the chat???

    I have a problem with my reservation. My husband and I are traveling together and the site didn't give me a place to select my seat and they booked our trip to Paris from London on two separate cars! How do I fix this? (2017-06-26)

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  • Frustrating and Costly Experience with Inflexible Rail Europe

    … to London. So we purchased a return Rail Europe train ticket from Heathrow airport to Edinburgh, Scotland … to see whether we could alter the date/destination of the return portion of the train ticket, or maybe even refund it. I was told that it was non-refundable and only exchangeable for the different … (2018-05-29)

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  • Edit my tickets date

    Hi, I bought my tickets from http://www.raileurope-gcc.com I need to edit the dates, how can I do that because the website doesn't have a link or guide for that Thank you Maha (2018-07-14)

    Products: TicketTGV Trains (France)SNCF Trains (France)

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  • deeply disappointing expreience

    Horrible customer service. Cancelled a trip because of a family emergency. One ticket should have been refunded but none were. No help from customer service. One of the worst travel experiences I have had and I travel a lot. (2018-08-04)

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  • refund request

    … hour of the 6hr journey we were yelled at to get off the train as they were taking off the carriage we were in. we nearly missed the train as we were changing and had to stand the rest … (2020-01-06)

  • child age for london travel card?

    I think i might have bought the wrong London Travel Card for my daughter. She is 15 and my receipt says my pass is for a child up to age 11. Is there anyway we can fix this before they are mailed? Thanks, Molly Rubino (2012-05-23)

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  • Confirmation Code Problem

    … tickets from Brussels to Amsterdam for April 8th at train 9205. It's supposed I will receive tickets by mail … (2012-01-31)

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  • Are My Travel Plans confirmed?

    … you to propose alternate options." I have many other bookings dependent on these trains and cannot afford to rearrange my entire travel schedule to accommodate … (2012-04-22)

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  • Need password for my online account

    … Valle (Chessy, France) to Oxford, England. The train leaves today at 6pm, and we will leave Bordeaux … (2013-01-07)

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  • wrong time on ticket

    I got a return ticket from Cosne to Paris Bercy with incorect ticket times. The time on the ticket is 16/03 19h05 I wanted 16/03 07h05. I can not use the 19h05 as I will lose my conection with Air France. Please contact me by e mail as I am in Cosne... (2013-03-03)

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