• Training through the Swiss Alps

    How do I get advice on accomplishing the following: We are flying into Zurich, then by train to Lucerne for 3 nights,on to Zurmatt to catch the Glacier Express to St.Moritz for 3 nights , and,finally, a train to Innsbruck. Any help would be appreciated. (2013-05-20)

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    • … Mike, For the requested itinerary, I would recommend a Swiss Pass in combination with additonal tickets for your travel into Austria … changing trains twice along the way; once in Chur and then once in Sargans. For this trip, the Swiss Pass would cover you from St. Moritz up to the border with Austria … (2013-05-20)
    • … down to Kriens. Once you have descended by cable car back down to Kriens, you would then use your Swiss Pass to board a bus back to Lucerne. To be covered … to Lucerne under 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage. The Swiss Pass is all you would need to hop on any train from Zurich to Lucerne … (2013-05-20)
  • If I have a Swiss card, will I be able to board the GoldenPass without a reservation? Does this pass cover the cable cars on Mt Titlis?

    … . Is it true because in the FAQs I see that reservation is required for GoldenPass. Also in Swiss card, will my Interlaken-Jungfrau and back be considered as a single transfer or two transfers? Does this pass include … (2014-09-24)

    Products: GoldenPassSwiss Card/Swiss Transfer Ticket

    Tags: golden pass, swiss card, lucerne, interlaken, montreux, lucerne to interlaken, interlaken to montreux, mount titlis, jungfraujoch, jungfraujoch top of europe, jungfrau, engelberg, goldenpass

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    • … Card, you would just indicate that you'll be traveling with the Swiss Pass when you're prompted as you go to purchase any of these reservations. For your trek up Jungfraujoch, you would purchase … Journey From Engelberg - For Use Only With Swiss Card' of the Mount Titlis Pass. You would purchase this pass by clicking here: http://www.raileurope … (2014-09-24)
  • Will the Eurail Global Pass cover public transportation networks in cities in Switzerland & Germany?

    … and its benfits in countries like switzerland. If I purchase the global pass and use the public travel systems in the cities of switzerland … (2015-01-08)

    Products: Eurail Global PassSwiss Travel Pass

    Tags: eurail global pass, swiss travel pass, germany, switzerland, s-bahn, berlin, u-bahn

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    • … on the public transportation networks of Swiss cities. Like the Eurail Global Pass and the German S-Bahn trains … can be purchased here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index.html. To view additional bonuses offered with the Swiss Travel Pass, you would once again just click the 'Travel Bonuses' tab once you've accessed this page … (2015-01-08)
  • Sargans to Innsbruck with Swiss Travel Pass & a Eurail Austria Pass?

    … to have 15 days vacation in Switzerland and 5 days in Austria. I would like to buy a 15-day Swiss Pass and a 5-day Austria Pass. Could these 2 pass include my trip from Sargans to Innsbruck? Or should I buy … (2015-01-24)

    Tags: sargans to innsbruck, railjet, eurocity, switzerland, austria, swiss travel pass, eurail austria pass, sargans, innsbruck, pass and reservations

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    • … Benjamin. Yes, the Swiss Travel Pass and the Eurail Austria Pass together would cover the ticket costs for a train from Sargans to Innsbruck. The Swiss Travel Pass would cover the segment in Switzerland until you get to the border … (2015-01-26)
  • Which product would best pair with a Eurail Global Pass for travel in Switzerland?

    … of Berner Oberland pass / Swiss passes to consider to complement our Eurail Global passes for an upcoming trip … Oberland have Family Card or Junior travel pass and would it make sense if we purchased point to point tix only? Q3: Does Swiss Half Fare pass or Berner Oberland … (2015-04-07)

    Products: Eurail Global Pass

    Tags: … , bernese oberland railway, eurail global pass, gondelbahn, gondelbahn grindelwald-männlichen, grindelwald … scheidegg, lauterbrunnen, luftseilbahn, luftseilbahn wengen-männlichen, männlichen, swiss half fare card, switzerland pass, wab, wengen, wengernalp …

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    • … Half Fare Card' in combination with your Eurail Global Pass. The 'Swiss Half Fare Card' would entitle you to receive … % discount, you would just show your Eurail Global Pass when you go to purchase any of these tickets. You would purchase the 'Swiss Half Fare Card' here: http://www.raileurope … (2015-04-07)
  • What's cheaper for my Swiss trip? The Swiss Travel Pass or point-to-point tickets? Will be visiting Basel, Zurich, Lausanne, & Geneva.

    … a four-city trip to Switzerland visiting Basel, Zurich, Lausanne, and Geneva in May 2016. Is a Swiss Travel Pass more economical than the separate point-to-point tickets? We will be in Switzerland for 23 days. Thank you for help Dick Sharp (2015-06-30)

    Products: SBB Trains (Switzerland)Swiss Travel Pass

    Tags: basel, geneva, lausanne, swiss travel e-pass, swiss travel pass, switzerland, zurich

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    • … ' here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index.html. Otherwise, you would check regular point … the best option for your trip, you would also want to take into consideration that the 'Swiss Travel Pass' is different than other rail passes in that it covers … (2015-07-01)
  • Italy and Switzerland Pass

    Cannot figure out how to purchase a 10 day 1st class pass for Italy and Switzerland. (2016-01-13)

    Products: Eurail Select PassSwiss Travel Pass

    Tags: eurail select pass, italy, switzerland, milan, swiss travel pass

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    • … , is it best to buy the 2 country Eurail pass? Does this give me the same benefits for all the busses, boats, trains in Switzerland as the Swiss Pass would, in addition to allowing me to take a train to and from Milan … (2017-01-30)
    • … -tickets-passes/swiss-pass/index.html. The Swiss Travel Pass is unique from other rail … not valid in Italy), but you would be able to receive the bonuses. With a Swiss Travel Pass, you would be able to receive a rate called the 'Passholder … the route on our homepage and indicate that you'll be traveling with the 'Swiss Travel Pass'. You can ensure it is a 'Passholder 3' reservation … (2017-01-30)
  • Davos to Zermatt via Glacier Express with Swiss Travel Pass

    … bought two first class swiss pass for our vacation back to our "Heimatort". we plan to take the glacier express from stMoritz/or Davos to zermatt. do i need to buy extra … (2016-07-27)

    Products: ReservationsGlacier ExpressSBB Trains (Switzerland)Swiss Travel Pass

    Tags: davos - filisur line, davos - filisur railway, davos to filisur, davos to zermatt, davos-filisur line, davos-filisur railway, filisur to zermatt, glacier express, rhb, rhaetian railway, rhätische bahn, swiss travel pass, switzerland

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    • … Evelyn, The Swiss Travel Pass actually covers the full route of the Glacier Express; you would just need reservations … from Davos to Filisur don't accept reservations, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board. In contrast, the Glacier Express … (2016-07-27)
  • Wengen to Locarno with a Swiss Travel Pass

    Taking train from Wengen to Locarno in June. Best route looks to be from Interlake, Brig, then via short route thru Itlay then arrive at Locarno. Will Swiss Pass cover this trip since there is no stop in Italy? (2018-03-31)

    Products: Swiss Travel PassCentovalli RailwayWengernalp RailwayBernese Oberland Railway

    Tags: centovalli, centovalli railway, domodossola to locarno, interlaken to spiez, lauterbrunnen to interlaken, locarno, spiez to domodossola, swiss travel pass, switzerland, wengen, wengen to lauterbrunnen, wengen to locarno

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    • … , The specific route you're referring to is covered by the Swiss Travel Pass, even though you'd be passing through a small part of Italy. The route … to Locarno is the scenic 'Centovalli Railway'. Reservations are not necessary (or even accepted) on these trains, so the Swiss Travel Pass is all you would need to board … (2018-04-02)
  • What is the difference between Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Half Fare Card?

    … in Switzerland due to duration. I am debating between the Swiss Travel and Half Fare pass but I can't tell the difference. I will be going to Zurich, Interlaken … (2018-08-29)

    Products: SBB Trains (Switzerland)Swiss Travel PassSwiss Half Fare Card

    Tags: swiss half fare card, swiss travel pass, switzerland

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    • … , and city transit networks in Switzerland. The Swiss Travel Pass will also provide for the best possible discounts on mountain … , you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/pass/swiss-pass-5934. The Swiss Half Fare Card enables … Half Fare Card, click here: http://www.raileurope.com/pass/swiss-half-fare-card-8025. The actual half-priced tickets … (2018-08-31)
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