• Can I combine the France Rail Pass with Eurostar?

    I intend to buy a France rail pass, but will be starting my travel in London - is there any way to supplement that pass to allow for a first leg with Eurostar? (2012-03-07)

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    • … to travel with one friend. We are looking to fly to germany and take the trains to paris, (maybe london?) Madrid, south of france … This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy - What pass … (2012-10-19)
  • Travel from Britain to France

    I am purchasing an EU pass. I will be coming in from UK to Paris. I will not be using a Britrail pass. Will my train ride from UK to Paris be covered by my EU pass? Or will I have to pay for it because I start the train ride IN Britain? (2018-06-27)

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  • For a London to Windermere Roundtrip, does it make sense to purchase senior rail cards prior to booking?

    We are traveling from the US to London in October for our anniversary. We are taking the rail from Euston Station to Windermere (haven't booked yet), and will be returning to London. We are both seniors. Does it make sense for us to purchase senior rail... (2014-05-30)

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    • … the senior cards for the UK. If you are only traveling from London to Windermere and return and not taking any other trains, it may be more beneficial for you to book regular full fare … (2014-05-31)
  • how do i make an online reservation with a britrail pass??

    help!! (2014-02-13)

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    • … Rick, Most trains in the UK do not need reservations. If you would like to purchase a reservation and the trains are not coming up online, then you would need to call us at 800-622-8600 as these would need to be confirmed … (2014-02-13)
  • how are tickets/passes delivered on papaer or as e-tickets/passes

    I wanto to know if the tickes/passes are e-tickets/passes or you have to send a physical ticket because I'm leaving tomorrow to europe and if you have to send it in paper this would not work for me, also what hapens if I want to add a country after a... (2012-02-07)

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  • Rail pass for England

    UK passport but have been living in canada for the past 3 years … your website but i am confused over which ones to buy we will not be travelling together all of the time but most of the time we will. Also do these pases work on the london underground trains (2013-08-05)

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  • Trouble printing tickets.

    I am at the train station in the UK and unable to print my tickets. It seems the PNR # is not provided. The ticket agent said I needed to contact Raileurope. I also want to do an exchange. (2013-12-17)

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  • my dream europe vacation

    … in mind, and I would like your recommendation how to go about it on a budget. we are retirees looking for an adventure via train travel. we will travel from USA. Would it be better if we leave from UK or FRANCE. List … (2014-03-06)

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  • Norway Rail track-side yellow signs: Their meaning.

    Is there anywhere i can go (web-site, web page, handbook, Amazon) that will explain what the different Norwegian rail track-side signs mean? Most of them are yellow of different shapes. Thank you. Stephen C Cooper (2015-12-18)

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    • … North American distributor of tickets and, as such, we do not operate the trains. I was able to find a PDF provided by the Norwegian rail that gives some explanation of the signals used. Hopefully this is somewhat useful. http://www.scanrailsoc.org.uk … (2015-12-21)
  • Help! Problem with my ticket and account

    I have bought 2 tickets from London king cross to york, I have received a confirmation email, however, my account of raileurope showed that I haven't book anything yet. Is that I didn't successfully buy the ticket or there is a problem with my account? ... (2019-04-27)

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    • … orders that were placed through your account. If you didn't submit the order through your account, then you would not able to view it under your account; nor would it be able to be transferred over to your account. Tickets for trains in the UK are 'print-at-station' tickets. To print … (2019-04-29)
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