• Deciphering the reservation/ supplemental charges for trains on a global pass

    … buy a global pass and look up a train on a site such as sub.ch and you find a ticket that has a leg of the journey requiring an reservation but it says that the fee is included … (2012-04-16)

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    • EuRail global saver pass want to know how much extra i need to pay on the high speed train route like Colonge to Paris … originally titled Query Regarding extra fare on High speed route with EuRail global pass … (2013-04-16)
  • Does the Eurail Select or Global pass cover travel by train and bus between cities (ex. bus from Villach to Venice)?

    If I want to travel from Vienna to Venice, a bus is required for part of the trip. Is this still covered if I have a Eurail Select or Eurail Global pass? (2012-04-20)

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  • Eurorail Global Pass - what comes with it?

    Does a map or any type of schedule come with the Eurorail Pass when it is purchased? (2016-05-13)

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    • … Cathy, A map would be included with any purchase of a Eurail Global Pass. You can view schedules by entering a route on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. For a printed version of European … (2016-05-13)
  • Are there any restrictions to use my Global Pass in Italy besides that it does not include Italo and Thello trains?

    There is a part in FAQ mentioning restrictions between France and Italy, also in Milan, Florence and Rome. These are places I’m planning on visit so I ́m wondering if I won’t be able to use my pass here. (2014-04-09)

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  • If I buy a Global pass, is it good for overnight trains?


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  • Booking online reservations Vienna to Venice night train when you already have global pass

    I have tried to reserve a train online, on 2 occaisons to no avail? Most recently today I want to reserve a sleep car from Vienna to Venice for tom. Can you not reserve online then have the reservation printed? Or do I need to go to the rail station... (2012-09-13)

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  • Passes and Classes for travel through 8 countries

    … friend and I age 21 will both be travelling together and are looking at getting the global pass we would be travelling to netherlands, germany, austria, czech … we wanted to stay over night, what is the best pass to get? The flexi pass or the global pass. The dates we'll be travelling is from the 20th … (2012-04-20)

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    Tags: eurail global pass, belgium, netherlands, benelux, germany, austria, czech republic, italy, switzerland … and 2nd class, first class, second class, night train, overnight train, pass and reservations

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    • … frame of 2 months (in the case of the Eurail Global Pass. 'Travel days' on a flexipass refer … , or 3 months. For travel through that many countries, you would purchase the Eurail Global Pass. The format in which you decide to purchase … here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. Once you enter the number … (2012-04-20)
  • What pass should I get for 2 months visiting 29 cities in Italy, Switzerland, & Germany? Do the passes cover all cities within Italy, Switzerland, & Germany?

    … figuring out which raileurope passes I should get (global, select, regional, etc). I am traveling to Italy, Switzerland, and Germany for the full … (es) for me to get that will save me the most money? Separate question: Does the global eurail pass cover ALL cities within Italy, Switzerland … (2014-04-14)

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    Tags: … , amalfi coast, circumvesuviana, trenord, gimmelwald, interlaken, italy, switzerland, germany, eurail global pass, eurail select pass, milan to varenna, eurail passes, william tell express, wilhelm tell express, pass and reservations, bernina …

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    • … travel, I would recommend purchasing either a Eurail Global Pass or a Eurail Select Pass to include Italy … and St Moritz. You would check costs for and purchase the Eurail Global Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. You would check costs for and purchase the Eurail Select Pass … (2014-04-14)
    • Update: Starting in 2017, a multiple country rail pass that includes Switzerland (Eurail Select Pass or Eurail Global Pass) will begin covering ticket costs for the stretch of railway on the Glacier Express line between Zermatt … (2016-12-28)
  • Can Eurail Pass be used for Paris CDG-Paris, Paris-Lyon, Lyon-Zurich, Zurich-Bern, Bern-Zermatt, & Zermatt-Zurich?

    … to travel from Lyon to Switzerland, a few cities there, and end back up in Zurich on October 29th to fly back to the U.S. If we buy the senior global pass, can we use it from the airport in Paris to our hotel in Paris … (2019-02-25)

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    Tags: bern, bern to zermatt, eurail global pass, france, glacier express, gotthard, gotthard route, lyon, lyon to zurich, paris …

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    • … trains once in Visp along the way. Reservations are still not necessary (or even accepted), so the Eurail Global Pass is again all you would need to board. For planning purposes, you can use the route … . On the remaining trains, reservations are not accepted, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. The part of this journey from Goeschenen to a little past Ertfeld … (2019-02-25)
  • Rail Pass for Ireland & then Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Turkey, Greece & Spain?

    … off in Spain. I am having issues figuring out which pass works best for my itinerary because the eurail global does not go to Poland or Turkey and I cannot find tickets for trains throughout … (2014-11-08)

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    • … , as any information we provide you with would be dependent upon countless variables. With that said, the Eurail Global Pass would likely be the best option … to cover Poland for 2015. If it holds true that Poland will be a part of the Eurail Global Pass, it wouldn't apply to purchases … (2014-11-10)
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