• No Confirmation E-mail sent

    … a ticket tonight (7/4) on your website to take a train from Marseille to Barcelona on 8/7. I did buy … (2014-07-04)

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  • Chunnel not operating - 7/8/14

    The Chunnel is having electrical issues and may not be running until noon today. I have clients that have tickets on this. What's an alternative if the electrical issues persist? I tried the 800 number but couldn't get a live person. (2014-07-08)

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  • My order on www.raileurope-world.com didn't go through, but my card was charged. Please return the money you took from my account.

    Hello, I have been advised by my bank to contact you directly about this issue. I tried to purchase rail tickets (Barcelona to San Sebastian return) on your website (www.raileurope-world.com) on July 6, 2014. However after selecting the journey, then... (2014-07-16)

    Products: TicketReservationsRENFE Trains (Spain)

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  • Here in Brazil & didn't receive email confirmation. What should I do?

    Hello, I've bought a ticket to London - Cardiff number of reservation 27393113.I didn't receive a confirmation by email. Maybe I wrote a wrong email ? I don't know anyway, I've be charged 92€ that you can also see enclosed the facture of my card. What... (2014-07-18)

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  • Missing Ticket ?

    … or are we in trouble with no ticket currently in our hands ? We are scheduled on the 9018 train - September 7, 2014 @ 10:25 … (2014-08-26)

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  • Me deja el tren por que no tengo boleto

    Hola, estamos en Londres en este momento y mañana sale nuestro tren en la mañana para Paris, nunca recibimos confirmación por correo de nuestra reserva, solo recibimos el cargo de la tarjeta de crédito y un correo de bienvenida. La compra la... (2014-09-10)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • cannot complete reservation and pay$$$

    A notice keeps coming up that i have itinary issues in advance of my book date which need to be clarified before booking. can be complete (2014-09-17)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • wrong email

    hi my name is madeleine. I purchase a train ticket today but the email confirmation was never sent to me because I wrote wrong my email address How can i get the confirmation email or edit my email address? (2014-10-05)

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  • Useless website offers fares that don't exist

    I have wasted 3 sessions on your website only to find when getting to the confirmation stage that the fare you offered me is no longer available. Time to smarten up. Clearly will need to use a different site in future! (2015-01-29)

    Products: TicketReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • Need to change trip

    I want to pespon my trip to anguolene at 25th of March to 25th of april (2015-03-23)

    Products: SNCF Trains (France)

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