• cannot complete reservation and pay$$$

    A notice keeps coming up that i have itinary issues in advance of my book date which need to be clarified before booking. can be complete (2014-09-17)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • wrong email

    hi my name is madeleine. I purchase a train ticket today but the email confirmation was never sent to me because I wrote wrong my email address How can i get the confirmation email or edit my email address? (2014-10-05)

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  • Useless website offers fares that don't exist

    I have wasted 3 sessions on your website only to find when getting to the confirmation stage that the fare you offered me is no longer available. Time to smarten up. Clearly will need to use a different site in future! (2015-01-29)

    Products: TicketReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • Need to change trip

    I want to pespon my trip to anguolene at 25th of March to 25th of april (2015-03-23)

    Products: SNCF Trains (France)

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  • I dont have the number of the e-ticket

    I have a trip conection for going from Nice (France) to La Spezia (Italy). The first part of the trip has a e-ticket number but the second one hasn't please help me!! (2015-04-17)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Int'l Trains (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)

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  • Resos made but will not let me pay!!

    I have everything filled out and train seats reserved as well as a few tickets that I did NOT plan on having to buy, but cannot check out and pay. What the heck??? I had no problem checking out earlier when I bought the France-Switzerland pass. (2015-04-23)

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  • My friend's country of residence is not on the drop down menu

    As I was about to pay for our train ticket, I realized that my friend's country of residence (Croatia) is not one of the options from the drop down menu. What do I do, since the information is required to purchase the ticket? (2015-05-07)

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  • Pedantic confusing

    I booked a ticket Malaga to Madrid on line after having spent hours realising that different sites sold the same tickets at disproportionate prices. I ultimately chose best first rather than a flexi first believing that I was in first. It was only... (2015-05-15)

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  • Booking.error.invalid_ptp_passengers

    Trying to book last trip in itinerary, but keep getting an Error: PTP_Passengers notice. I have no idea what this means nor can I seem to do anything to change it. (2015-05-22)

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  • Problem with reservations system

    I'm trying to make a reservation - Using a rail pass. The system gets locked in the process of selecting a pass type and I get stuck. (2015-06-13)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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