• Global passes for 4...one person cancelled but we have another person that can take their place..

    … planning to get the global pass for 3 adults and 1 child. The problem is that one person coming with us will not know for sure if he's coming until about a month before the trip. If he doesn't go, we have another person that can take his place. If this person … (2013-03-18)

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  • I am in Europe and want to make a train reservation (with my global pass) but printing is not an option...what do I do?

    … Spain and I am trying book rail reservations to be used with my global pass for this weekend-Bilbao to Barcelona. It is not possible to print the reservation at home or at the station. How can I make the reservation so I do not have to purchase a ticket … (2013-07-07)

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  • Does the pass cover Norway water travel from Stavanger to Trondheim?

    Does this pass cover boat travel along the western border of Norway (Stavanger to Trondheim) ? (2016-06-27)

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    Tags: eurail passes, fjord line, fjordline, norway, stavanger, boats, bonuses, cruises, discounts, ferries, rail pass, eurail global pass, eurail norway pass, eurail scandinavia pass

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    • … is www.fjordline.com. The eligible passes for this discount are: - the Eurail Norway Pass: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … /index.html. - a Eurail Select Pass that includes Norway: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-select-pass/index.html. - the Eurail Global Pass: https … (2016-06-29)
  • Amsterdam-Giethoorn, Amsterdam-Paris, Paris-Zurich, Zurich-Interlaken, Interlaken-Riomaggiore, Riomaggiore-Pisa, Riomaggiore-Rome. What kind of pass would be best economically

    … Bernese and Gastaad not sure about where would that fit in.Could you please suggest the best pass which I can avail. I am also contemplating taking flight if necessary for selected route … (2019-01-11)

    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassThalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)ICE Trains (Germany)GoldenPassLe Frecce Trains (Italy)FrecciabiancaCinque Terre Express

    Tags: eurail global pass, almere centrum to steenwijk, almere to steenwijk, amsterdam, amsterdam to almere, amsterdam … terre express, france, giethoorn, golden pass, goldenpass, gstaad, ic, intercity, interlaken …

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    • … ! For the requested itinerary, you would purchase the Eurail Global Pass. For the Eurail Global Pass, you would click here: https … along the GoldenPass line. Reservations are not necessary on these trains, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. For planning purposes, you can use the route … (2019-01-11)
    • … Centrum along the way. These trains do not accept reservations, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. Schedules for trains from Amsterdam … ’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). When you pull up the results of this search … (2019-01-14)
  • What is the best train route/pass (May 2019):Paris-Bayeux (3 nights). Bayeux-London (5 nights). London-Lourdes (3 nights). Lourdes-Paris.

    Please help...what is the best train route and pass to purchase in May 2019: Paris to Bayeux (3 nights in Bayeux). Bayeux to London (5 nights in London). London to Lourdes (3 nights). Lourdes to Paris. (2019-01-23)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)TGV Trains (France)SNCF Trains (France)

    Tags: … st lazare station, paris to bayeux, paris to london, tgv, uk, united kingdom, eurail global pass, metro, paris gare montparnasse, paris gare du nord, paris …

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    • … . This way, your Eurostar trains between Paris and London would also be covered. For the Eurail Global Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope … ’, and then indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a ‘Eurail Global Pass’). Generally, the trains from Paris … (2019-01-24)
  • Swiss Pass/Italy Pass

    … and Italypass). Question 2: For those routes that says Reservation Recommended, can I still get on a train without a reservation? Question 2: Should I buy a Eurail Global Pass (2013-06-28)

    Products: Rail PassReservationsEurail Global PassSwiss Travel PassEurail Italy Pass

    Tags: switzerland, italy, eurail select pass, zurich, milan, swiss pass, eurail italy pass, reservation recommended, website error, error on website

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    • … Laura, A Eurail Global Pass would be excessive if you only plan on traveling within Switzerland and Italy, though you could purchase a 3 … from Zurich to Milan), you can indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' just for the purpose of purchasing the reservations. In response … (2013-06-28)
  • I need to book a Eurail Pass that includes Poland. Travel will be to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland

    Can I book a eurail pass to go to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic & Poland? Thanks (2015-08-22)

    Products: Eurail Global PassEurail Select PassEurail Austria-Czech Republic PassEurail Germany-Poland Pass

    Tags: austria, czech republic, eurail austria-czech republic pass, eurail germany-poland pass, eurail global pass, germany, poland

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    • … different countries in total. You would purchase the 'Eurail Global Pass' here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. Otherwise, you could purchase the 'Eurail Germany-Poland Pass' in combination … ' here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-germany-poland-pass/index.html. You would purchase … (2015-08-24)
  • How can I stop in Amsterdam en route between Copenhagen and Paris if I don't have the Netherlands on my Eurail Select Pass?

    Hi, i have a 5 country ueurail pass. on my way back from paris to copenhagen i would like to stop in amsterdam. do i have to buy a portion of my ticket since the netherlands is not one of my 5 countries?? (2012-03-26)

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    • … to cover you when you cross over into the Netherlands, you can just indicate that you'll be traveling with a Eurail Global Pass when prompted to enter the type … fare). Therefore, in this case, you can just indicate you'll be traveling with a Eurail Global Pass to tell our system that the ticket costs will, in fact … (2012-03-28)
  • When booking the 3 month rail pass, is the "departure date to Europe" also the date that my pass starts?

    When booking my Rail 3 months continuous pass, will the date given for "Specify your departure date to Europe" also be the date that my pass starts? (2019-04-04)

    Products: Rail PassEurail Global PassEurail PassesAt the Train Station

    Tags: eurail global pass, rail pass, rail pass validation, validate, validation

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    • … as your "departure date to Europe" would not be the same as when you begin using your Eurail Global Pass and start your rail travels. You can validate … to Europe" is for our reference, so we know by when you need to receive the pass in the mail. For the Eurail Global Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope … (2019-04-04)
  • Is the pass valid on S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains in Stuttgart?

    Is the Europe rail pass valid for these S trains and the U trains in Stuttgart? (2017-09-13)

    Products: Eurail Global PassGerman Rail PassEurail Select PassEurail Passes

    Tags: eurail global pass, germany, s-bahn, stuttgart, u-bahn

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    • … lines in Berlin). Unlike the S-Bahn, Germany's U-Bahn trains are not covered by rail passes. For the Eurail Global Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-global-pass/index.html. For the Eurail Select Pass, you would click … (2017-09-13)
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