• Only 34 minutes to transfer from the St. Pancras station to the Waterloo station?

    I am booking a train from Lille to Southamption. The connection it gives in London is 34 min but they have to go from St Pancras station to Waterloo so it's not enough and the system will not give a later connection from London to Southampton. (2015-03-09)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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    • … for trains from Lille to London (high-speed 'Eurostar' trains) and another search to access later trains from London … (2015-03-09)
  • Multi city travel- which ticket option and advice?

    … at LHR at 6:50 a.m. Would there be enough time to get to St. Pancras to catch the 10:14 Eurostar or should we plan to take the 11:00 … (2019-01-26)

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    • … minutes. For the Tube, you would pay to board locally. You also want to keep in mind that the Eurostar requires passengers to check-in 30 minutes … (2019-01-28)
  • Travel from Vienna to Zagreb

    We need to travel from Vienna to Zagreb. Is it best to take the bus or train and what are the difference in traveling time? We are seniors so would like to have confirmed seating if taking the train. What train line would we take - Eurostar or ? (2012-05-15)

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    • … 'premier' trains will offer senior rates. Eurostar is the company that operates the train between London and either Paris or Brussels … (2012-05-16)
  • Fast trip on fast trains? London-Brussels-The Hague-Amsterdam-Delft-Utrecht-Paris-London

    … before on a Thursday, fly to London, sightsee for a day, take the Eurostar to Brussels, and then end up in the Netherlands for the meeting by Monday. I can visit … (2012-08-02)

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    • … days of an intended date of departure. In contrast, the Eurostar between London and Paris/Brussels is generally able to be booked … (2012-08-02)
    • … trips to Delft or Utrecht. Also, having a pass would save some on the Eurostar fare. I am not sure if the savings would add up or if I should still do point to point as you suggest … (2012-08-03)
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  • confuse what ticket to buy with my itinerary

    … ? am i right? 2. in my case , which is cheaper to buy or more savings for me? a. eurostar ticket to london, brussel and paris then from paris … (2014-01-31)

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    • … connections and station are stated there? Is it possinle to buy eurostar ticket for london brussel and paris and then a single … (2014-02-02)
    • … connections and station are stated there? Is it possinle to buy eurostar ticket for london brussel and paris and then a single … (2014-02-02)
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  • London-paris-bordeaux-southern england-london...

    … to lille on our way back to england? or do we have to go back through paris? Thank you. Lorrie PS are there 2 or more station that connect to the chunnel by eurostar or eurail … (2012-08-27)

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    • … and Calais France in France, are other towns that service the Eurostar trains (aside from London and Paris). Therefore, you would not have to go through Paris on your way from Bordeaux … to Lille. You can check ticket costs and schedules for the Eurostar, as well as for your trains from Paris to Bordeaux and Bordeaux to Lille … (2012-08-27)
  • Disappointed with "making money" tactics

    … for 5 years and were both very excited to book reservations on the Eurostar from London to France. My husband is very sick and although it was a very stressful … trying to be helpful and give people a break. The rest of our trip of a lifetime went wonderfully, however I do need to let you know Eurostar, that we are disappointed that you are making a lot of money on the mistakes of your customers. An administration … (2013-11-20)

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    • … operators of Europe, and we don't own or operate any trains. As such, we are a different company than Eurostar. If you purchased your tickets through us here at Rail Europe, then please send an email … (2013-11-22)
  • Ticket prices for train from London to Paris

    Is it the same price to purchase tickets for the fast train from London to Paris as it is to purchase them in London at the station? (2012-04-21)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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    • … Carol, The fares on the Eurostar train from London to Paris are like airline tickets. The earlier you book the better … (2012-04-21)
  • How do you get from London to Dublin?

    Howe does one travel from the Eurostar train in London to a train or ferry that would take you to Dublin (2012-07-06)

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    • … to Holyhead depart from the Euston station in London. The Eurostar trains arrive into the St. Pancras station in London … (2012-07-09)
  • Retreiving my e- ticket

    … reserved my Eurostar tickets from London to paris on May 12, 2012. At the time I received a receipt with a link to the PDF … (2012-07-29)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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