• Need to change trip

    I want to pespon my trip to anguolene at 25th of March to 25th of april (2015-03-23)

    Products: SNCF Trains (France)

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  • I dont have the number of the e-ticket

    I have a trip conection for going from Nice (France) to La Spezia (Italy). The first part of the trip has a e-ticket number but the second one hasn't please help me!! (2015-04-17)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Int'l Trains (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)

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  • Resos made but will not let me pay!!

    I have everything filled out and train seats reserved as well as a few tickets that I did NOT plan on having to buy, but cannot check out and pay. What the heck??? I had no problem checking out earlier when I bought the France-Switzerland pass. (2015-04-23)

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  • My friend's country of residence is not on the drop down menu

    As I was about to pay for our train ticket, I realized that my friend's country of residence (Croatia) is not one of the options from the drop down menu. What do I do, since the information is required to purchase the ticket? (2015-05-07)

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  • Pedantic confusing

    I booked a ticket Malaga to Madrid on line after having spent hours realising that different sites sold the same tickets at disproportionate prices. I ultimately chose best first rather than a flexi first believing that I was in first. It was only... (2015-05-15)

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  • Booking.error.invalid_ptp_passengers

    Trying to book last trip in itinerary, but keep getting an Error: PTP_Passengers notice. I have no idea what this means nor can I seem to do anything to change it. (2015-05-22)

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  • Problem with reservations system

    I'm trying to make a reservation - Using a rail pass. The system gets locked in the process of selecting a pass type and I get stuck. (2015-06-13)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • No Confirmation Email

    I placed two orders this past week and did not receive any confirmation emails. I booked a train from bern to interlaken, and from bern to zurich. (2015-06-19)

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  • Country of Residence / Nationality

    … (UAE) since i couldnt find my country of Nationality. We both have a residence stamp on our passports. Is this valid? because my train tickets are not refundable … (2015-06-22)

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  • I need help !!

    I am trying to checkout after booking a round trip between Madrid / Seville but I cannot complete address ect ion for postal delivery as there are no options in the drop box for Australia so cannot complete information . (2015-06-29)

    Products: RENFE Trains (Spain)

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