• How to travel from Frankfurt to Porto (Portugal)

    … being here in Ukraine are not available for the nearest date. The question is - how to travel to Porto from Frankfurt by train? Where to buy tickets and what will be the price … (2015-07-22)

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  • Trying to book tickets, but I can't find Vietnam as a country of residence

    Hi Im Vietnamese. I already have Schengen visa. I'm trying to book train tickets from Paris to Frankfurt but I cant find my country in the dropdown of the country's of residents - Vietnam. What should I do? (2015-08-25)

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  • At a lost on how to contact RailEurope customer service that can help

    Having issues reaching RailEurope World website. Have not been able to contact anyone since I booked my ticket and saw that the name was incorrectly printed. I'm just in awe that Rail Europe allows 3rd party vendors to use their name and allow sales of... (2015-09-09)

    Products: TicketReservationsThalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)

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  • Refused tickets!

    … to Zellamsee online.I got a confirmation email and I printed it. The problem happened when i was at the train station, they refused my order confirmation( they said there is something wrong) and I had to book … (2015-09-30)

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  • I've cancelled my payment and its "confirmed" in the page

    I was buying 4 tickets for me and for my family today but i've changed my mind before writing my card codes.. Even pressing the button to cancel, another page appers and it was written that my payment was confirmed and that they would send me an email... (2016-01-29)

    Products: TicketItalo Trains (Italy)Booking Online

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  • Payment Error

    Hi, When we try to pay our booking trains from Argentina through Rail Europe page, it appears an ERROR PAYMENT UNCONFIRMED RESERVATIONS, do you know why? Thanks (2016-03-20)

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  • Please help!!

    Hello! Sorry about my English, I have a problem, I bought yesterday 10 ticket from Paris to London on the Euro star, but I need to change the date of the tickets, the problem is that I don't know how to do this, and I want know if I have to pay €40... (2016-03-28)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • Long wait times for calls.

    I have been trying to call the 1-800 number for RailEurope in USA. I encounter more than 1 hour wait times. As a working person there is no way that I can sit on hold for more than an hour. So, I have requested a call back, but after 3 requests that... (2016-06-22)

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  • Booked two tickets but wife and I are not sitting together

    Just completed booking Nice to Florence. Booked at the same time but my seats and my wife's seats are separate. How can we arrange to sit together? (2016-07-16)

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  • Forgot Paper Tickets

    I forgot my paper tickets at home in the US but have receipts for every train as well as a scanned version of each ticket. Will this be enough to either have my tickets reprinted or to have them scanned electronically? (2016-08-04)

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