• Traveling throughout Europe while going to school in Spain. What pass should I purchase?

    … , as well as vist other European countries on the weekends. I'm trying to figure out what pass would be best to buy her since she will regularly use the Renfre but will also be traveling … (2014-12-12)

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    • … the 3 month consecutive Eurail Global Pass. The Eurail Global Pass covers the ticket costs for rail travel all throughout 24 different European … for multi-city travel solely within Spain is often this pass instead of the 'Eurail Spain Pass'. The Renfe Spain … (2014-12-12)
  • Have Europe Global Pass & want to book nightjet crochette on Rail Europe website

    … family of 3 bought Europe Global pass (2nd class). We want to reserve for nightjet crochette . How do we do this from Raileurope site? After I typed in the date, and other information, it only shows seats … (2019-04-30)

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    • … these trains, you would have to email your request to customercare@raileurope.com. In your email, remember to mention that you'll be traveling with the Eurail Global Pass. These night trains carry single compartments, double compartments, triple compartments … (2019-04-30)
  • Foreign study for 92 days. I would like a pass for the entire period. What should I buy?

    I from the USA and would like a full Europe pass for the entire period. What should I buy? (2016-03-17)

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    • … month consecutive version of the Eurail Global Pass. The Eurail Global Pass covers the ticket costs for rail travel all throughout 28 different European … months from the date they are purchased. You would purchase the Eurail Global Pass here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … (2016-03-17)
  • Eurail Global Rail Pass from Oswiecim to Prague

    … plan to purchase a Eurail Global Rail Pass for travel in the Czech Republic and Germany. We are flying … to take the night train from Oswiecim to Prague and are wondering if our Eurail Global Rail Pass can be used for this leg of the journey or if we need to purchase … (2013-03-29)

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    • … Pat, The Eurail Global Pass would cover the ticket costs for the portion of the night train from Oswiecim … to cover you up to the Polish/Czech border and your Eurail Global Pass, reservations would be required on the night train from Oswiecim to Prague. Reservations on this particular train are also not able to be purchased … (2013-03-29)
  • Correct rail pass for Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Milan, Florence, & Rome?

    … 5 countries but i see you can only book a 4 country pass. Which should i do and also can you advise which is the best itinerary. Beginning in Spain like i have suggested … (2015-05-11)

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    • … Sarah, There is no pass just for 5 countries, as the Eurail Select Pass is now only offered as a 4 country pass. You might consider purchasing the Eurail Global Pass (the pass that covers 28 different European countries) or some combination of dual-country … (2015-05-12)

    HOLA El global pass para utilizarlo en 10 días de viaje durante un periodo de 15 días, ¿es un flexipass o deben usarse los viajes de manera continua? (2015-08-05)

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    • … embargo, no existe la opción del Eurail Global Pass para '10 días dentro de 15 días". Puede ver información sobre el Eurail Global Pass aquí: http://www.raileurope.com/es/rail-tickets … de forma flexible; sin embargo, el Eurail Global Pass ofrece las dos opciones … (2015-08-11)
  • Buying a Global Pass - problem

    … period. After researching, I have found getting the 15 day 5 use Global Pass is our best option. Below are the cities we will travelling … .Geneva 5.Rome Now my problem is with buying the ticket. It says that the Global Pass covers 28 Countries, all of which these cities … (2017-05-17)

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    • … , Rest assured, the Netherlands is included on a Eurail Global Pass. The Netherlands is included as a part of the 'Benelux'. The Benelux … them as one country for the purpose of rail passes. For the Eurail Global Pass, click here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail … (2017-05-18)
  • Global pass 1st class saver + 2nd class reservation

    With Global pass (1st class saver) and with trains requiring reservations, if I reserve a second class seat and find that first class seat is empty, will I be able to switch over to 1st class unreserved seat? (2016-06-23)

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  • Eurail and interail global pass combined.

    Hi I am a South African with a valid British passport working in England. I would like to know how i should go about planing a trip with a friend from South Africa as we will need 2 different passes and what would the impact be on our reservations. (2015-01-17)

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  • Si compro global pass hoy, que vencimiento tienen viajo en un mes.

    … necesito saber en que momento se activa el global pass una vez comprado Viajo … en un mes y por lo que leí llega a mi domicilio en 5 días aproximadamente Si comprara global pass por 15 días el día de hoy estimo … (2016-05-04)

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