• Round Trip from London to Normandy advice

    We wish to go from London on 29 Jun 2016 to Normandy and return to London on 1July 2016. What is the best way to accomplish this by rail? (2015-12-18)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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    • … Ann, The best way to do this route by train would be to take the Eurostar from London to Paris and then a train from Paris to a city in the Normandy … (2015-12-21)
  • URGENT Need to change address on delivery of tickets

    I booked Eurostar tickets yesterday and learned today that the client has NEW ADDRESS --- I need to change address on the booking so the tickets can be delivered to the family traveling. They leave USA on June 19 Thank you, Pam Spivey, Travel Agent (2016-06-02)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • We don't fly, How do we travel from Southampton to berlin?

    Cruising from Florida to southampton need to go to Berlin. How do I get to Berlin (2012-04-16)

    Tags: southampton, london, paris, berlin, eurostar

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  • What is the best way to get from Calais to Aix-enProvence by train?

    we are travelling from Dover to Calais, and need to get to Aix-enProvence is train the best way to get there (2013-06-16)

    Tags: dover, ashford, ebbsfleet, calais, ashford international, ebbsfleet international, dover priory, aix en provence, aix en provence tgv, england, france, united kingdom, britain, great britain, point to point, eurostar

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  • Help i am trying to get to London

    I hope this is not a silly question? If i am leaving Lyon from the La Part Dieu station and then i have to take the train to London at Paris Nord station are they located in the same train station and do we get enough time to get to the second train.... (2013-07-06)

    Tags: lyon, london, paris, paris gare de lyon, paris nord, paris gare du nord, gare de lyon, gare du nord, rer, eurostar, tgv, point to point, france, england, great britain, britain, uk, united kingdom

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  • travel by Eurorail from Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris then to London and back to Amsterdam

    HI We are a family of 2 adults 2 kids( 9 , 12 ) will be landing to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Aug 1st . Is is advisable to buy tickets now or should we buy when we get there. We paln to go to Brussels (2 nights) then to Paris ( 3 nights) then to... (2013-07-16)

    Tags: amsterdam schipol airport, schipol airport, amsterdam airport, brussels, bruxelles, paris, london, netherlands, holland, belgium, france, england, britain, great britain, united kingdom, uk, point to point, eurostar, thalys, amsterdam schipol, schipol

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  • Help me ObieWan you are my only hope!

    How do I get from Amsterdam to Lens Lievin? I am travelling in early November. Can anyone help me? The rest of the trip is from Lens Lievin to London and then to Cardiff. I have been trying to get this done for 4 months and my university french is not... (2013-08-22)

    Tags: lens, cardiff, lille, london, eurostar, lille flandres, lille europe, london st pancras …

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  • Florence to London?

    Does anyone know the best way to get from Florence to London? I don't know which pass to buy. (2013-11-11)

    Tags: eurostar

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  • Connection time & Customs

    When traveling from London to France, do I need to go through Customs at any point? I am looking at a 58 minute connection time between destinations in France and want to be sure that is enough time. (2014-04-24)

    Tags: eurostar, london, paris, france, uk, united kingdom, england, great britain, britain, immigration landing card, landing card, boarding card, customs, connections

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  • Munich to Amsterdam/Brussels to London to Brussels to Paris. Which pass(es) should I buy?

    munich to amsterdam/brussels to london and back/brussels to paris for 5 days (2014-05-01)

    Tags: munich, m√ľnchen, muenchen, amsterdam, brussels, bruxelles, london, paris, germany, benelux, netherlands, holland, belgium, england, great britain, britain, united kingdom, uk, france, intercity express, ice, intercity, ic, thalys, eurostar, point-to-point

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