• Florence to London?

    Does anyone know the best way to get from Florence to London? I don't know which pass to buy. (2013-11-11)

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  • Connection time & Customs

    When traveling from London to France, do I need to go through Customs at any point? I am looking at a 58 minute connection time between destinations in France and want to be sure that is enough time. (2014-04-24)

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  • Munich to Amsterdam/Brussels to London to Brussels to Paris. Which pass(es) should I buy?

    munich to amsterdam/brussels to london and back/brussels to paris for 5 days (2014-05-01)

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  • Single country pass from Paris to Edinburgh? How many days of travel would it count as to take a train from Reims to Paris & then Paris to Edinburgh? Edinburgh, through France & back.

    I'm flying into Edinburgh to visit a friend, and afterwards want to travel to France. From what I've gathered, a good option would be to book a way one ticket from Edinburgh to Paris, and a 3 or 4 day travel pass for France. I have a few questions about... (2014-05-01)

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  • Larger dog on train train from Paris to Barcelona?

    I have a larger dog, 30 kg, and would like to travel from Paris to Barcelona. As I understand he is not allowed on AVE, but can I take him in a private compartment on a nighttrain? (2015-08-12)

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    • … within Spain. The only company that doesn’t allow any dog on board their trains is ‘Eurostar’. Eurostar operates the trains that connect London … (2015-11-16)
    • … within Spain. The only company that doesn’t allow any dog on board their trains is ‘Eurostar’. Eurostar operates the trains that connect London … (2015-11-16)
  • Wheelchair Access on trains from Venice to Florenc & Florence to Rome?

    Hello! I'm traveling from Venice to Florence, and then Florence to Rome this coming March. I'm hoping to use your train system, how does a person in a wheelchair board your trains and are the stations accessible? Thank you so much! (2016-01-27)

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    • … countries, we are only able to book actual wheelchair space for passengers on the 'Eurostar' (the high-speed trains that connect London … (2016-01-27)
  • Rail Pass - Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Austria

    I want to buy the rail pass for Summer time vacation plan. Anybody know the ticket of pass is US$385.00 for all the place at different country in 3 months or have additional charge? Ireland Dublin > Ireland Shannon > Wales > Scotland Edinburgh >... (2012-06-05)

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    • … . If you go from London straight to Hamburg, then you would also have to purchase tickets on the Eurostar train from London to Brussels (as part of a connection from London … ). If you go from London straight to Frankfurt first instead, then you would purchase tickets on the Eurostar train from London to Paris (as part of a connection from London … (2012-06-06)
    • … passengers to receive any kind of Passholder rate on the Eurostar. While that is true with regard to BritRail Passes, any Eurail Pass … with which you’ll be traveling, then it would be necessary to purchase regular tickets in order to ride on the Eurostar. Please note, this applies to any BritRail Pass, including … (2017-04-26)
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  • London-Paris, Paris-Bern, Bern-Interlaken, Interlaken-Bern-Venice, Venice-Rome

    Trying to buy our Eurail pass, but unsure of what to do. Our Itinerary is: London to Paris, Paris to Bern Switzerland, Bern to Interlaken, then back to Bern to go to Venice, then Venice to Rome.Do we need to buy a separate pass for London to Paris?... (2017-02-06)

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    • … France do cover the trains between London and Paris (Eurostar trains). These trains would still just require reservations in addition … Trains from London to Paris are high-speed Eurostar trains. These trains do require reservations in addition to the rail pass. Generally, the Eurostar can be reserved 6 to 9 months in advance of a departure. This train … (2017-02-07)
  • The best no holds barred ticket - 2 months unlimited to Italy, France, Spain, and England ??

    I will be in Europe for approx. 2 months. I want a first class ticket that would allow me to go to Italy, France, Spain and England unlimited. I just want to make a reservation and get on and off as many times as I feel. (2016-08-30)

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    • … regular tickets for your travel there. It would also be important to note that the Eurostar (the train that connects London with the Europe mainland … on this train. You would purchase tickets at the Passholder rate on a Eurostar by entering the route on our homepage (www.raileurope.com) and indicating … (2016-08-31)
    • … passengers to receive ‘passholder’ rates for reservations on the Eurostar: Any single country Eurail Pass, including … Eurail Select Pass continue to not be valid on the Eurostar. Passengers traveling with any of these rail passes would need to purchase … (2018-04-05)
  • London Heathrow to Paris to Geneva & then back to London Heathrow?

    I will be traveling from USA to Europe in late April. What is the cheapest route for me to travel from London (Heathrow) to Geneva Switzerland to Paris, then back to London? Or London (Heathrow), to Paris to Geneva Switzerland to London Heathrow? (2013-09-23)

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    • … of our website, www.raileurope.com. Trains between London and Paris ('Eurostar' trains) are unique in that they can generally be booked 6 … (2013-09-23)
    • Eurostar (the train from Paris to London) is a train that can generally be booked 6 to 9 months in advance … (2013-10-16)
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