• Constant tech error while booking

    … book return train tickets online (Barce-Madrid) from Singapore since last night - have tried at least 5 times now and keep getting a technical … (2016-09-13)

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  • How to obtain refund for refundable tickets?

    … friends and I bought refundable train tickets via raileurope-world.com. We would like to refund our tickets but got an error message … (2016-09-16)

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  • Finding my itinerary online

    I purchased three tickets on line and have an order number but cannot find my itinerary online and have not received a confirmation or e-tickets. What can I do to locate and print my e-tickets? Please help! (2016-09-17)

    Products: TicketReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • Countrywide

    I went back and forth on a reservation from Strasbourg to Reims to change the date and time and each time it added another person to the total. The edit only allows one to change the time or date not the number of people and it adds another person each... (2017-03-08)

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  • Unable to print@home using the link on the reservation email confirmation

    … purchase on the raileurope.co.in website for train tickets. Received the email confirmation with the links to download the pdf … (2017-04-27)

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  • Booked but not received a ticket yet

    … from Paris to Amsterdam at 8 am this morning for the Thalys train set to depart at 2:25pm but we still havent received a ticket … (2017-06-16)

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  • Incompetent web design

    Insanity. Could you please explain why someone born on October 14 1990 is not okay in Adult category +26 and neither in Youth category. Who is the incompetent person who designed your website? (2017-06-16)

    Products: ReservationsTGV Trains (France)

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  • Rail Europe won't let me book Zermatt to Paris

    … attempting to book a train from Zermatt to Paris for 2 passengers. When I click "buy now" on the itinerary I want and fill … (2017-06-30)

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  • Payment taken no one responding

    I tried to buy a ticket, it looked like it went through but I never received a confirmation email. But £106 was taken out of my account by raileurope on the 11th October. I’ve tried emailing them and haven’t had a response. I ended up buying a ticket... (2017-11-25)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

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  • Credit card double charge

    Greetings, I bought two Malaga-Madrid tickets on Feb. 8/2018 in Malaga and paid by visa at Terminal CQBE8778. As I requested senior discount, the tickets were cancelled immediately and two new tickets with discount were issued. Back home I see on my... (2018-02-26)

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