• Eurail Select Pass Refund?

    … others friends purchased 5 eurail select 3 country passes about a month ago. We are going to Europe in 2 weeks and are going to be there for 3 weeks, One person … (2012-04-16)

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    • I need to canel my Eurail Global Pass order. How do I do so? Just contact the customer service number? Please advise This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Canceling my Global Pass Order. (2012-08-06)
  • swiss pass and eurail select pass

    … i ill go for? what are the benefits of taking select eurail pass? is swiss and eurail pass covers all transportations including … ,boats,cable cars? should i prefer only eurail pass over swiss pass or have to take both for cost effective travelling … (2013-04-20)

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    • … , one option would be to purchase a 4 country Eurail Select Pass to include Switzerland, Austria, Germany … here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-select-pass/index.html . You can view special … that includes Switzerland or a Eurail Global Pass would not offer these bonuses. To view costs and information for the Swiss … (2013-04-22)
  • First time traveler to Europe going to Spain, London, France, Italy, & Austria - Global pass or not?

    Hi, I'm going to Spain, London, France, Italy and Austria. I'll be there 6 weeks and plan on taking the train everywhere. What is the best option for me? What will include the buses, metro, etc? (2015-09-29)

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  • Does a rail pass cover subways and buses in European cities? Public transportation questions

    Does the Eurail Global pass cover public transportation in cities? Like the local subways, trains or buses. (2012-03-15)

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    Tags: subway, city passes, s-bahn, u-bahn, tube, metro, re:, rb, regionalexpress, regionalbahn, regional, city night line, eurail france-spain pass, paris, barcelona, bilbao …

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    • hi ..can i ask a question.i and planing to buy a eurail global pass 21 day ( youth) .to travel 8 country .may i know this pass can cover up all the train in Europe ?any extra fee to add up ? (2012-06-07)
    • … to include those countries. While the Eurail Global Pass covers travel to 23 different European countries, the Eurail Select Pass allows travelers to pre-select a limit … , 4 or 5 countries. You can purchase the Eurail Select Pass by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … (2012-08-13)
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  • Best pass for Netherlands (Amsterdam, Vollendam, The Hague, Venlo), Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Germany (Cologne, Munich, Konstanz), Switzerland (Lucerne, Mt Titlis), & France (Paris). Does the pass cover from one city to another?

    … choose the best rail pass deal for our trip (2 people). Our route trip is Netherlands (Amstedam … (Cologne, Munich, Konstanz) - Switzerland (Lucerne, Mt.Titlis) - France (Paris). If Euro Global Pass suits us, is that pass fare include the train … (2012-05-27)

    Tags: … paris, eurodisney, marne la vallee-chessy, rer, line a!, line b, line c, eurail global pass, eurail select pass, france, paris, paris cdg airport, paris airport …

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    • … by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/activities/mount-titlis/index.html. Since you intend on purchasing either the Eurail Global Pass or a Eurail Select Pass, you would purchase the '1 … (2012-05-30)
    • … that includes Germany, including the Eurail Global Pass, will cover travel on the 'S-Bahn' trains that operate within most major German cities (except for some S-Bahn … Berlin that feed into these two lines are the ones that are not covered by any rail pass. Reservations are generally non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Therefore, in most instances … (2012-07-11)
  • Eurail Pass Global for Brussels-Cologne, Cologne-Prague, Prague-Salzburg, Salzburg-Innsbruck, Innsbruck-Munich, Innsbruck-Lucerne, Lucerne-Interlaken, Interlaken-Zermatt-Interlaken, Interlaken-Milan. Do I need seat reservations?

    … Kate :) I have 15 days Eurail Global pass (YOUTH)My plan :9/04 Paris > Brussel midi7.55 >> 09.17 … (2017-03-17)

    Products: ReservationsGlacier ExpressEurail Global PassThalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)GoldenPassRailjet Trains (Austria, Germany & Hungary)Arlberg Railway

    Tags: arlberg pass, arlberg railway, austria, belgium, brussels, brussels to cologne, cologne, cologne … , france, germany, glacier express, golden pass, goldenpass, innsbruck, innsbruck to lucerne, innsbruck … , lucerne to interlaken, paris, paris to brussels, pass and reservations, prague, prague to salzburg, railjet …

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    • … scenic route. Reservations are not necessary on any of these trains, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. Zermatt to Interlaken From Zermatt … . Once again, reservations are not necessary on any of the trains comprising of this connection, so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. Interlaken to Milan The most feasible … (2017-03-17)
    • … to Kriens. To get back to Lucerne, you would take a bus from Kriens. With the Eurail Global Pass, you would be able to receive a 50% discount on this journey … cable cars locally when you're there. Just be sure to mention that you have the Eurail Global Pass, because they might be able to offer you a discount. Mount Stanserhorn … (2017-03-17)
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  • Trip of a lifetime - but which pass to choose? Paris to Lucerne, Lucerne to Munich, Munich to Venice, Venice to Florence, and Florence to Rome

    … . In that order (arriving in Paris and Departing from Rome). The duration of the trip is 15 days. What would be the best option for us - a global pass or a select country … (2017-06-03)

    Products: ReservationsFrecciarossa Trains (Italy)Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Eurail Select PassLe Frecce Trains (Italy)FrecciargentoTitlis RotairRail Pass & Reservations

    Tags: … , cdg, cdg airport, ec, eurail select pass, euro city, eurocity, florence, florence to rome, freccia rossa, frecciargento … , zurich to lucerne, zurich to munich, brenner pass, brennero ec, brennero eurocity, ic …

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    • … of purchasing these particular reservations, you would have to indicate that you'll be traveling with a 'Eurail Global Pass' (even though it is actually the case that you'll be using a combination of the Eurail Select Pass and the St Margrethen-Lindau ticket to cover … (2017-06-06)
  • Swiss Pass Benefits

    Does the global pass have the same benefits that the swiss pass has? What I'm trying to say is do the individual country passes have more benefits than the Global pass for all 22 countries? (2012-05-20)

    Tags: swiss pass, eurail global pass, bonuses, switzerland, travel bonuses

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    • … that includes Switzerland or a Eurail Global Pass would not offer these bonuses. To view costs and information for the Swiss … . For a list of bonuses offered in Switzerland with a Eurail Global Pass, you would click here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … (2012-05-22)
  • Does the Eurail Pass include the ferry from Bari to Patras? If so, does it require reservations?

    Does the Eurail pass include ferry from Bari to Patras? If so, does it require reservation? (2018-03-14)

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    Tags: bari, bari to patras, eurail global pass, eurail pass, eurail select pass, greece, italy, patras, puglia, superfast, superfast ferries, cruise, ferry

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  • On the Glacier Express, do I have to pay extra with my Eurail Pass or just reservation fees?

    if i go on glacier express on either of the rail pass (topic) do I have to pay extra with my rail pass or just reservation fees? (2018-08-22)

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    Tags: eurail global pass, glacier express, switzerland

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