• I have paper ticket, but left rail pass at home

    … the pass at my friends house. The conductor was understNding and we didnt have a problem; however, he said we may have a problem on other trains. My friend sent a photo of my pass. Do you think a photo will suffice … (2018-04-16)

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  • My name pastor EMMANUEL i forgot my code.

    Form bologna tomilano (2018-05-17)

    Products: ReservationsItalo Trains (Italy)

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  • Unable to purchase tickets

    … for about 30min, I hung up. Will I be able to get the tickets if I wait till we get to Europe? I don't want to chance not catching the right trains considering we have hotels all paid for in advance … (2018-07-01)

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  • Can't add to cart

    I am trying to book a train from paris to rome but when I can't seem to add it to my cart it just says your cart is empty and we could not complete your request (2018-07-05)

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  • Refund Request.

    … Charles de Gaulle. but there was a national transport strike for the trains systems. I called and I was told to return the tickets for a refund … (2018-08-12)

  • Refund / Exchange

    Hello... my name is Adrian from Indonesia... Me & my wife bought a ticket from Barcelona to Madrid, and Madrid to Barcelona - https://www.raileurope-asean.com/trai... - but it turns out there is urgent family affair that requires us to change the date... (2019-03-11)

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  • # of Tickets/Persons Selection Issue (website glitch)?

    Having an issue where I select tickets for 3 adults but on the checkout page it only shows 1 adult (with pricing for 3). (2019-04-17)

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  • Problem with my ticket and account

    I have bought 2 tickets from London king cross to york, I have received a confirmation email, however, my account of raileurope showed that I haven't book anything yet. Is that I didn't successfully buy the ticket or there is a problem with my account? ... (2019-04-27)

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  • cancel

    Every time I try to cancel, I click on cancel and refund, enter my email, and confirmation email. When I click check it take me to homepage. (2019-05-14)

    Products: TGV Trains (France)

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  • Spain Madrid to Malaga, wifi and first class lounge

    … High Speed train from Madrid to Malaga and tow major issues. One, we bought a first class ticket … (2019-05-27)

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