• Buy BritRail Pass before working in the UK

    … Pass initially before entering UK? I would be considered a UK resident if I have been living in the UK for more than 6 months. Does … (2018-12-08)

    Tags: britrail pass, england, great britain, uk, united kingdom

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  • Travel from London to Birmingham by train and bus??

    … New Street Station. What is the best route to take via the rail, and which train? I was told that I could take a bus from London Heathrow airport to Reading Station UK, then board a train from Reading UK to Birmingham New Rail Station … (2012-03-07)

    Tags: britain, england, great britain, uk, united kingdom, heathrow, heathrow airport, london heathrow, london heathrow airport, reading

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  • Pet Friendly trains between Europe and UK?...

    are there any trains which allow small pets (a cat) to travel with the ticketed passenger between Paris, France and London UK? Or between Brussels, Belgium and London UK?... (2013-06-30)

    Tags: eurostar, pets, cat, london, paris, brussels, bruxelles, england, france, belgium, benelux, dog, uk, united kingdom, britain

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  • France Rail Pass for 2 seniors. Are shipping charges per person or per order? Is the France Rail Pass valid on the Paris-London high-speed train?

    Are shipping charges per person or per order? Also is the French pass good for the high speed trip to London and return from Paris?Also how much are the reservation costs? (2017-07-16)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Eurail France PassBooking OnlineRail Pass & Reservations

    Tags: britain, england, eurail france pass, eurostar, france, great britain, london, paris, uk, united kingdom, london to paris, paris to london, shipping, delivery

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  • Do I need a "senior pass" to qualify for the senior rate on trains in england?

    website shows discount fares from London to Bath for seniors, do I just buy the tix or must I purchase a separate senior [pass? (2018-04-15)

    Tags: bath, britain, england, great britain, london, london to bath, uk, united kingdom

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  • Does a Eurail Global Pass cover cost of train from Paris to London?


    Products: ReservationsEurail Global PassEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

    Tags: england, eurail global pass, eurostar, france, great britain, london, paris, paris to london, uk, united kingdom

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  • How to get from London to Brussels Central train station?

    I am going from London to the Hilton Grand Station in Brussels. What is the best way to get there. (2015-09-12)

    Products: Eurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)

    Tags: belgium, benelux, britain, brussels, brussels central, brussels central station, brussels midi, brussels midi station, england, eurostar, great britain, london, london to brussels, midi station, uk, united kingdom, point-to-point

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  • If I buy a ticket from Gatwick to Lewes, Britain and miss the train is it good for the next train?


    Products: TicketBritish Trains

    Tags: britain, england, gatwick, gatwick airport, gatwick airport to lewes, great britain, lewes, london gatwick, london gatwick airport, uk, united kingdom, ticket validity, validity

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  • Timetables for trains between Edinburgh and Wick, Wick and Inverness?

    Is there a timetable available for trains between Edinburgh and Wick, Wick and Inverness?? I just want the timetable. Not ready to book specific times. Thank you (2017-06-12)

    Tags: edinburgh, edinburgh to inverness, edinburgh to wick, inverness to wick, scotrail, scotland, uk, united kingdom, wick, wick to inverness

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  • Are the sleeper trains from Paris to Toulouse listed on your site?

    … at 06:42, according to what I've read. On the Raileurope.co.UK site, the Lunea train seems to offer sleeper accommodations with a four-berth couchette (bunks) that two people can reserve. Can we make reservations on this train via the Raileurope.US site? Many thanks, Nancy in California (2012-05-01)

    Tags: paris, france, night train, overnight train, error, website error, website, sleeper train, toulouse

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